A black primary hockey jerseys every season

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Those are the first nice-looking black ice jerseys we've had in a while. These Hockey jerseys are sick, anything original you wouldnt expect is the sweetest jersey ever! The all-star game is the perfect setting for Hockey jerseys that are a little on the wild side, and I think these are very attractive. Ales Hemsky are all on the NHL All-Star Ballot this year, so for all you Oilers fans out there, let's make sure to get those votes in. Who gives a crap about the last three years Montreal hosted the all-star game? That doesn't deserve to be on the Hockey jersey. Other people are going to hate me. I kind of like these Hockey jerseys. The number-on-the-front thing may mess them up, but regardless of whether they suck or not, at least designers are trying new things. The West jersey looks too much like a Blue Jackets jersey. And even though my team is in the Western Conference, if i had to choose one i like better, i would say the East one. They could have found dozens of ways to salute montreal's past, but they chose not to. What irks me is whether at team whose primary jersey is black can actually say they're "back" in black? Back from where? Last night? But I digress.

I don't see why players from 29 other teams have to wear a Hockey jersey that honors one team. Blue Jackets Hockey Jersey were unique and actually really popular. ya think Portland is trying to relate and trying to gain fans after becoming Buffalo's NHL affiliate this year. It's bad when the league is pretty much encouraging teams to put numbers on the front center of their Hockey jersey. I'm starting to hate Reebok's ideas, but I still love the Hockey jersey designs in general. But I wanna knock out whoever's idea it was to ruin the whole point of a logo on a hockey jersey. The Kings weren't going to wear a patch to commemorate the Ducks winning the cup a couple seasons ago, and I don't think the Islanders are going to wear a patch to commemorate the Rangers winning the Cup. I know there is a clear difference between winning a Stanley Cup and hosting an All-Star Game. asymmetry is something that doesn't belong in hockey, it is one of those things that just doesn't look right to anyone who knows their hockey jerseys. But I wouldn't like to wear a Hockey jersey for the Western Conference that honors another team, especially an Eastern Conference team. It better piss Reebok off cause they're pissing us off with every attempt at re-creating the hockey jersey. The Los Angeles Kings sent out an email to fans previewing tonight's game against the Blues.

This is like the third time it has been posted on the website, e-mailed to fans, or mailed to season-ticket holders. Despite all the rumors, they seem to contend that we will feel differently about it once we see it in a couple weeks. I'm not so certain, but since season-ticket holders receive a free, autographed jersey on Sunday. the Hockey jerseys are horrible, and sure they're, as you put it, a great disrespect of a great symbol. If the Pirates want people to overlook the disrespect of the American flag, they just need a wardrobe malfunction to happen. look what happened when Kid Rock wore the flag as a poncho at the 2012 Super Bowl; nobody cared because they saw a nipple! im a huge sabres fan and therefore now am a pirates fan cause the amerks are gone. That actually came out worse than in the drawings. It's fine for a one-time gimmick night though. And at least he's covering most of the cheap ice hockey jerseys wich is awful itself. i understand the reason behind the jersey and everything and its a good idea to pay tribute.

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