The New Jersey Devils had a Black Ice jerseys

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As we know, the New Jersey Devils will unveil their black ice devils jerseys on Saturday. The Vancouver Sun has a mostly business-oriented piece about the fourth alternate sweater in team history and the concept of third jerseys in the NHL in general. It's an interesting read for jersey geeks like us. In other news, the NHL's Vancouver have announced their intentions to wear a special throwback jersey on Friday, November 21. But what could a seven-year-old team have to throw back to? Glad you asked. They'll be looking to a different franchise the New Jersey Devils. My uncle has one of the black devils jersey I think and I could possibly get a picture of it if he still has it and send it to Chris. Great idea by the Giants. I've always dreamed that the Devils would have a Black Ice jersey, those things are classic. But being a Giants supporter, this is the next best thing. I'm like to see them come out with another Black Ice jersey that has the V with the head coming out of it on the Crest and a Black Ice jersey. That would be a nice change. We've already seen them have the stick and rink as a Black Ice jersey! Thanks Chris for posting that link to the millionaires website! I live in Vancouver and will get that sweet deal, tickets and a free t-shirt! I'm going to a Giants game!

In case you forgot, originally leaked a photo of this third jersey last month. The NHL Jerseys has the modernized stick-in-the-rink logo on the front and the new Johnny Canuck on the shoulders. The Red WIngs did have a 3rd jersey back. It was white with red stripes across it and detroit on the front in bold white font. I don't think they were ever worn in games the black jerseys we've seen for the red wings and devils. I believe that the black red wings jerseys were only sold at their NHLJerseyspot stores because I remember when I was a squirt or pewee up there on a tournament seeing those Black Ice jerseys for sale there. I am from new jersey though and I remember the devils selling their Black Ice jerseys at modell's and possibly some games, but I believe they were never worn in games. that jersey worn by the Red Wings was for the nhl's 75th anniversary. All original 6 teams wore throwbacks for games that year. I'd like to go to that Giants game with the Millionaires sweaters. I've always liked them simply because of how classic they are. And what the heck is up with the Millionaires website? It is pretty cool to honour a classic team that way, but it's not like the had team websites in the early 20th century! I totally agree. The Devils third jersey should be Green. That would be amazing with their blue pants. Also the lines are a different pattern on the 3rd Jersey and they look like crap. The green strip disappears with Blue on both side of it. They had to make it look somewhat different I guess than there regular jersey's so they screw it up even more! Sad really. All could of been avoided if they would have just made it a Green jersey.

It's very sharp sweater, indeed. I personally think it is ridiculous that the NHL is constantly bringing out these 3rd jerseys. I know it is a quick fix for solving revenue issues as they will sell cheap black ice kovalchuk jersey, but I think it is more important for teams to stick with a logo and create a brand around it instead of often changing it so often. considering i have hockey cards showing the Blackhawks wearing those 75th anniversary jerseys in games against the Hartford Whalers I may be buying two Black Ice jerseys this Christmas you know, I have to buy the Lightning's even if BOLTS isn't my favorite thing for the front of it. Anyway, the Giants will be wearing the style jerseys for one night only next Friday and I hope to have pictures for you when they do. No that was a one time only Black Ice jersey in a game against the blackhawks in their throwback jersey that was a game in celebration of the NHL's 75th anniversary. I don't remembert he Devils "Flying Skate" salmon 3rd jersey the article refers to and can't find pics. Can someone send a link if you have it. Another thing about the juniors marketing, they often do special event jersey's the Seattle Thunderbirds do the most of these, they do a Black Ice jersey, etc. So other teams picked up on that, the Chilliwack Bruins are wearing special Remembrance Day jerseys tonight against the Vancouver Giants. The Devils are dropping the ball big time by not having a green third jersey. I don't get the point of having a parise new jersey devils black ice premier jersey that is the same color as a regular jersey. I'm looking at you too Boston and Dallas. If anyone out there doesn't know where Chilliwack is, its one hour east outside of Vancouver. They had ad's in the province paper about this.

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