Hangzhou general workers mechanic wages high demand tight

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Hangzhou general workers mechanic wages high demand tight
The Lantern just over.A large number of migrant workers flocking back to the city.Start looking for a job.This year.Hangzhou corporate recruitment difficult?What type of work is most scarce?Pay what changes?Yesterday.Yuhang District. Lower City. Lin'an District. urban and rural human resources collaboration-cum-spring action "recruitment Assembly officially launched in Yuhang District.This is the Spring Festival in Hangzhou's first large-scale recruitment Assembly for migrant workers.Recruitment site of the General Assembly.A total of 183 units. Admission recruitment.Providing a total employment of more than 9.000 jobs.According to the statistics.Job seekers entering the number of more than 7.000 people.There are 1828 people reached employment intentions.The recruiters generally feeling slightly ease of the level of recruitment difficulties this year compared to last year.General workers. craftsmen still very short.White-collar workers seeking good. blue-collar hard to recruit "phenomenon. UGG Boots Canada .In order to get them in the pre-construction.Had a substantial increase in pay.Many young migrant Quedui general workers. craftsmen little interest.Looking for a lighter more live.The employment gap is about 15%.General workers. craftsmen most tight relevant person in charge. according to the labor department of Yuhang District estimates.CurrentlyThe local enterprise workforce gap at about 15%."Of course we do..."There is an imbalance between some companies. UGGs Outlet .From the demand.Some textile and clothing. metal packaging. shoes. and other production-intensive industries. the demand for labor.The corporate recruitment difficulties this year than last year. slightly ease the general feeling.Located the Yuhang District tangqi town today wins Group Head of Ministry of Personnel recruitment Guozeng Yi told reporters: Although recruitment difficulties this year seems to have eased over last year.But skilled workers. UGG Canada .general workers is still very short.Our corporate general lack of front-line workers. technicians about 100 people.Now is a good demand of white-collar workers.Blue-collar instead difficult to recruit. 'Guozeng Yi said.May be the real estate industry is not very boom.Led to a number of construction workers have shunt.Flow to the other industries.We are a large-scale iron and steel production enterprises.

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