Beats headphones has a new personalized designs

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For friends often out to the streets, natural friends than total nest at home to pay more attention to the fashion sense, no matter what age level that people will pay attention to dressing up outside, but the young people pay more attention to the trend of fashion, which is understandable. Young people are more favorite player to listen to music, the headphone is not only appreciate music tools, they also become people decorate their part.

headphone designed for young users, it can be said to cater to the needs of young users use most headphones are fashion line, but more people prefer to highlight their distinctive, like a lot of people love the style of street fashion. Our headphone products have some street sense of design, the specific love music street trend of young people. Of course, in fact, even without a lot of headphones playing street style is also very unique personality.

Now I'll introduce some of the more unique portable headphone products, some of these headphones using the alternative design, and some even more chic, of course, as a tool for listening to music, the sound quality of the performance are also good . I hope after reading this article, to the friends you want to purchase a headphone, bring some necessary help.

beats by dre headphones
Beats by Dre has launched a variety of headphones can replace the panel confetti Solo JustBeats headphones, Beats by Dre a classic low-end headphone products, headphones side of the shell is polished, above which printed with Beats by Dre headphones product logo no other decoration, adhering to the Beats by Dre headphones has always been simple. Headphones features in its other side of the shell with a design can replace graffiti panel color film, headphone box comes with how to facilitate the user to replace the use of color film. Parameters, Beats by Dre Solo JustBeats headphone frequency response range is 15-24000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 107dB, general portable audio drive up is not an issue. Headphones inside the first beam and earmuffs parts are filled with soft leather, very comfortable to wear. Sound quality, plenty of low-frequency performance of the headphone, dive deep and full of delicate, IF, it is rich, suitable for listening to pop music and rock music.

beats solo headphone
Solo JustBeats is a stylish portable personality wearing music headphones, sound quality, outstanding bass performance of this Solo JustBeats headphones, good elasticity, the amount of good sense, IF thick the overall sound style warm, used to listen to European and American style RAP music and dance rock are very appropriate, young people go out to a good choice. headphone retro styling personality, very chic with dark red; square case design, with a kind of street style, which has a circle of silver trim strips, the more prominent the fashion sense of the headphone. Parameters, Solo JustBeats headphone frequency response range is 14-21500Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 113dB, very easy to drive and use. The Solo JustBeats the headphones folded structure design, and very easy to carry out housing. The headphones use the-ear design, breathable cortex earmuffs are very comfortable to wear, prolonged listening is not easy to produce fatigue.

Dr. Dre Pro Red headphone is a specifically targeted at mobile phone to listen to the avant-garde fashion, this Dr. Dre Pro Red headphones look sleek shell polished, bright and clean; using Larry color looks very stylish. The headphone integrated wire-wire microphone, from the clear voice quality, often with a mobile phone to listen to music friends call convenience. The headphone wire wrapped a rubber materia, which can effectively avoid wire damage, detail design intimate. Parameters, Dr. Dre Pro Red headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 107dB, easy to drive use. Headphones use the ear structure design, fit silicone sleeve soft, more comfortable to wear. Headphones good bass effect in terms of sound quality, very suitable for young users to listen to pop and rock music.

beats pro headphone
Dr. Dre Pro Red is a stylish neckband communication headphone, positioning, and are compatible with the iPhone use to go out with the phone listening. Integrated on the headphone wire-wire microphone, clear call quality, bring friends often call convenience. The headphone most personality is used to replace the panel confetti design, the headphone comes with multiple vice different colored paper can be replaced, and we can also design their favorite designs into the ear shell, give users the freedom to play space larger. Parameters, Dr. Dre Pro Red headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 102dB, very easy to drive, with a mobile phone to listen very easily. The Dr. Dre Pro Red headphone uses ear structure design, earmuffs part soft sponge material made, good ventilation, wear very comfortable neckband wear stable structure, suitable for Movement to listen.

Black And Yellow Beats Pro headphones the shape generous personality, appearance is very eye-catching. headphone has a black and white two colors to choose from, the first beam part of the headphone and earmuffs shell with a graffiti style pattern sound quality, looks very street sense of fashion; shaft portion of the headphone with very bright colors, looks very conspicuous. headphone, although large, but its folded structure makes it very readily admitted carrying out to use a microphone cable, with its annex, easy the SPIDERS phone and receive calls using, consider very intimate. Parameters, Black And Yellow Beats Pro headphone frequency response range is 15-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 108dB, easy to drive, with portable audio listening right. The Black And Yellow Beats Pro headphone earmuffs large, thick leather ear pads and soft, very comfortable to wear, and also has excellent sound insulation. Bass of the sound quality, the headphone is good, tend to be tri-band equalizer, a good choice is used to listen to pop music.

These are the portable music headphones I recommend some of the more unique fashion design, fashion design of these headphones, some structure for the headphone, but in the design are more chic looks very different. Them from different manufacturers and different tuning technology also has the sound quality is not a small difference, and I hope everyone be able to go to the store to buy Beats Cheap headphone  to listen to the actual, and then make a rational purchase decision.

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