pardalit, the Ocelot. F. macroura.—N.B. These t

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pardalit, the Ocelot. F. macroura.—N.B. These t

em a position in his order Fal cviata, with the title Sanguinaria. Cuvier places them under the name of Les Chats Felit, Linn. among his Carnivores, the third family of his Carnassiers, between the Hyeenas and the Seals. Temminck regards the genus Felit as an indivisible group zoologically,Michael Kors Factory Outlet but separates them into two sections, the first comprising those which are found in the Old Continent and its archipelagos, 18 species in number the second those which occur in the New World, of which he enumeRalph Lauren Outletrates 9 species. Prince C. L. Bonaparte admits into his family Felina the genera Protelet, Hyoma, and Prionodon, a very questionable admission. Dr. Leach gives the Lions a generic distinction with the name of Leo. The Lynxes are separated as a genus by Dr. J. E. Gray, under the title of LynchutNorth Face Outlet and the Hunting Leopard Felit jubata, is characterised generally by Wogler as Cynailurut. The whole family may be popularly divided into Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Lynxes, and Wild Cats, or Cats properly so called—the two latter terms being more particularly applicable to the smaller forms. Under the articles Hy^enina, Canis, Vclpice, Viveurid.e, Bears, Mpstelidje, Phocid, will be found other families of Carnivora, some of which have been occasionally referred to the Fdida. Before proceeding to any description or illustration of this family, it will be advantageous to the student to be put in possession of M. Temmincks wellconsidered and digested monograph of the genus Felit, divided into two sections, according to their geographical distribution. Section 1. This comprises the Fdida of the Old Continent and its archipelagos. Species. Fdit Leo, including the three varieties of Barbary, SenegalBeats By Dre Cheap, and Persia. F. Tigrit, the Royal Tiger. F. jubata, the Hunting Leopard. F. Pardus, the Panther. Of this M. Temminck gives the following character —When adult, less than the Leopard. Tail as long as the body and the head, its extremity when turned back reaching to the tip of the nose colour of the fur deepyellowish fulvous, its internal part marked with roselike spots of the same hue as the groundcolour of the fur the numerous spots closely approximated the roselike spots from 12 to 14 lines at the utmost in diameter caudal vertebras 28.—N.B. The number of caudal vertebras assigned to the Leopard by M. Temminck is 22. It would appear that there is no correct figure of the true Panther. The Block Tiger, Felit mdat, Bimou Kumbang of Sir Stamford Raffles, is considered as only a dark variety of the Leopard. F. Uncia is considered as also to be erased from the list of species, as it is only the young of the Leopard or Panther. F. macrocdit, the RimauDohan. F. Serval, comprising F. Serval and F. Capentit, Linn., the ChatPard of Desmarest, and the Caracal of Bruce. F. cervaria, the Lynx. F. Caiut. F. maniculnta. F. mimita, identical with the F. Javanensit of Horsfields Zoological Researches in Java, and therefore not to be adopted. Section 2. This comprises the Fdida of the New Western World. F. concolor, the Puma. F. Onca, the Jaguar. F. Jaguarondi. F. cdidogatter. Bought by M. Temminck at the sale of Mr. Bullocks collection for the Museum of the Netherlands. F. rufa, Guldenst., BayCat of Pennant. With this M. Temminck describes also a specimen brought from Mexico, which may prove distinct. Bought by M. Temminck at Mr. BullockB sale for the Museum of the Netherlands. F. pardalit, the Ocelot. F. macroura.—N.B. These two last confounded together by Linnseus under the name of F. pardalit. The Mexican Tiger of Pennant is said to be representative of F. macroura. F. mitis, the Chati, F. Cuv. F. tigrina. This monograph, as far as it goes, has been of great benefit but the student should examine the menageries and museums, as well as the works of other authors, and he will find several Cats noticed both before and since the publication of M. Temmincks Catalogue. Among other authorities the publications of DAzara, of Sir Stamford Raffles, of F. Cuvier, of M. Desmarest, of Dr. J. E. Gray, of Dr. Horsfield, and Mr. Vigors in the Zoological Journal, of Dr. Horsfield in the Zoological Researches in Java, oDiscount Oakley Sunglassesf Prince Maximilian, of M. Lesson, of Sir William Jardine Naturalis.

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