Headphones in the appearance of the design and the color are more avant-garde fashion

Submitted by durtic on Sat, 12/29/2012 - 16:57

We always knew Dre Beats headphones product does not look like the other electronic digital products as replacement so frequently headphones as the most important tools listen, the sound quality is the most important factor in sound quality judgment does not like a mechanical performance, as has an established criteria to determine its good or bad can be said that the more subjective factors. Dre Beats headphones may be a generally accepted good sound quality is certainly very good, and whether the products developed beyond the sound may be benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom thing. So in the field of high-end headphones, Dre Beats headphones will be a good had been in existence for many years.

Justbeats Solo full open structure, it has excellent sense of air and sound field effect. headphones head beam made of metal, to guarantee certain counterweight and robustness. Street look and feel we can not do too much introduced, no one will take it out for such a headphones for use, the good and bad of the appearance of the eyes of the beholder. Not too much of the metal parts in addition to the first beam, Justbeats Solo, after all, such a large headphones is difficult to ensure the weight, now plastic element is strong enough to cope with the normal use of the headphones. If you join metal components wear add burden is bound to give. We predict the headphones framework for the future will also use the plastic material. Times flagship Justbeats Solo overall style or expected, but the headphones will give you a different sense of hearing, limited the sake of unit size and positioning, hard power, Justbeats Solo may be slightly Johnson at the Beats Studio. Justbeats Solo gives the feeling of the same Queen strict sound field and surrounded by a sense of this sense of siege and even give you exposure to the concert hall fantasy. The overall tuning the details and not so full of personality.

Beats by Dre Pro Blue and White Series headphones in terms of the appearance of design is different from other HiFi products, it has its own completely unique style, such a tough atmosphere and has a steady sense of modern appearance is undoubtedly very likable. It is not lost on the other family's flagship product. Beats by Dre's most high-end models naturally looks more upscale, design worthy of the flagship product. Beats by Dre Pro Blue and White with a solid work, a large number of metal materials exhibit a rough style, but that does not mean it is not fine. Headphones materials used, although not really special luxury calfskin wrapped head beam and velvet earmuffs is the flagship should be configured, in any case, in the use of materials and workmanship, satisfactory. The most important sound as headphones, Beats by Dre Pro Blue and White quality or praiseworthy, the sound of many years of HiFi flagship product stability orientation of the current, it does not open up a completely strange and different style, but steadily hit solid high-quality, balanced, delicate, natural, neutral, and true, with so few words to summarize the headphones, reflects a kind of golden mean, people find fault within the number of defects. Beats by Dre Pro Blue and White headphones on a tri-band performance very get, especially bass performance, which make it very suitable for the performance of contemporary music, although slightly strong coloration may be some vocal performance and amazing enough, but it is an excellent band sound is able to adapt to a variety of vocal range, and also be able to make a good interpretation of a variety of types of modern music.

But in fact what we see is the headphones product is actually a time lag, or often have a new product launch, and updating speed and as much as other digital products. In fact, these replacement more in order to adapt to the habits of contemporary people more in order to adapt to changes in fashion degree, to cater to a change of contemporary people listening orientation. So we will see Dre Beats Superman headphones or have, especially consumer-grade fashionable headphone product, the replacement rate is much better than the high-end HiFi headphones more frequent updates.

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