Choi Kwang Do Learners Enhance Their Fitness

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Choi Kwang Do Learners Enhance Their Fitness

The importance of keeping fit in this day and age has been emphasised time and again in this society, and there are now more methods than ever designed to achieve it. There are a lot of elements involved in the perfect keep-fit plan. These include physical and mental discipline, eating well and the right kind of exercise. The importance of discipline in keeping fit cannot be underestimated – it is all too easy to fall into bad habits when our society is so used to convenience, and it can be hard to keep up a sound routine of fitness and physical well-being. Physical training is certainly a part of keeping fit, and it is felt by many that keeping fit and self-defence are two concepts that are inextricably linked.

The importance of mental discipline in both concepts cannot be ignored. If a student can achieve this discipline it equips them to deal with whatever obstacles are placed in front of them without becoming frustrated. When you become frustrated you lose control, and retaining this control is one of the central tenets of choi kwang do a martial art that has been developed since 1978 and works along scientific principles. Although other martial arts, based on principles of mysticism, have stood the test of time and have their uses, the advantage of the more pragmatic and scientific principles of Choi Kwang Do is that they harness the use of scientific concepts such as kinesiology and psychology; unbending principles which hold true for all.

This makes it a more modern martial art and one that is catching the attention of people who want to hone their physical fitness; Winchester martial art teachers have been demonstrating the important tenets of the martial art for some time now. The concept of self-defence may well be an easy one to misunderstand. For some, the idea behind self-defence is to ensure that you are able to win in a fight. However, if you correctly practise Choi Kwang Do there is no need for there to be a fight in the first place. If you can draw the fire out of a situation and stop it from becoming a flashpoint there may be no need to become physically involved at all.

However, if attacked and unable to avoid engaging, you can apply Choi Kwang Do to ensure that the confrontation ends swiftly and with a minimum of physical contact. Retaining one's physical and mental balance when tempers are becoming frayed is a major advantage, as it allows you to think clearly and act calmly when others may be struggling to do so.

The person who can keep their head when all around are losing theirs is the one with the best chance of bringing a flashpoint to a peaceful conclusion, and this is something that teachers of fitness, Winchester and beyond, are teaching their martial art students. Discipline is the key, and is something that cannot be underestimated when it comes to defusing situations. The author is a sixth-dan martial art black belt and teaches choi kwang do to students the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. He has studied at the Winchester fitness training CKD studio, and has written articles and e-books about the principles of CKD and its positive use in both situations of conflict resolution and personal physical fitness.

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