“Cai luong” – a precious form of art in Vietnam

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According to some reliable materials, cai luong following the literal sense is “reformed drama” has been appeared at the beginning of 80s of last century. “Cai luong” comes from the South of Vietnam and it is to take shape on the basis of fork of Mekong delta and sacrifice music. In other words, cai luong begins from traditional fork songs, music of comedy and dance which express characters of southern people deeply especially in Mekong delta. In addition, it is the result of the influence of western opera, classical drama, and space of stage.

About the nature, cai luong is the wonderful combination of eastern opera and western opera or theatre and classical drama. It is very melodious by the way of interrupting voice and the solo performance following the cappella style (singing without using accompanied music). The most attractive feature of cai luong is long conversations with long heart-rending melodies which are nearly the same as drama music consisting of many periods, especially music of cai luong seems to be born to express Vietnamese’ heart. Vietnamese work hard and suffer from many difficulties so music of cai luong have to emphasis on emotion, status of characters through words in the song you are performing. It is noticeable that cai luong in each region of Vietnam is different together so cai luong in the north is different from the south and central. Cai luong of regions in the south usually more velvety and melodious than other regions.

Cai luong is divided into different kinds of breaths such as the southern breath, the northern breath, and the “oan” breath (complaining breath). The tone of the southern breath is solemn, the tone of the northern breath is strong, happy, and pure and the tone of complaining breath is created nearly to sing about real life. This distinction helps us arrange cai luong according to a particular motif. From that we can recognize each kind of cai luong and when anyone talks about it you can imagine and know about what they want to say about.

Nowadays, cai luong is a favorite form or art and get more attention. It is performed in many places especially it is attracting both Vietnamese and foreigners. Day by day, the number of people singing and listening cai luong is increasing very fast. Even many foreigners has learned to sing cai luong and what a wonderful result! Some foreigners can sing cai luong like southern people. Therefore, we can recognize that cai luong is a precious form of art in Vietnam and we need to maintain and develop cai luong more beautiful.

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