True Terorism

Submitted by suni on Tue, 02/26/2008 - 06:49


My deer Islamic Brothers and Sisters,

I have to identify the true terorism by the Kuffar's against Islam.

First of alla we start with the Cartoons Of our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The danish news paper
has issued th cartoons in 2005 as well as in this year. Then in the new York a building Named "Apple Mecca" was constructed. This building look like the Khana Kaaba, and it is working as a bar club, where the people enjoy the parties and vine 24 hours a day and 7 days a week i-e it is opened as the Khana Kaaba remains opened.

What miserable stage of Islam has come. The Prophet has denoted it before 14hundered years ago.

He Said at a time you will be in a very large number. Hte Sahaba (May allah be pleased with them replies then we will be a great force. Rasul-llah (PBUH) Replied no you will be in a large number but you have no force.

The time has come. we are the largest comunity in the world but still we are dependent on others. Our budget runs on the helps and donations of the non muslims. Even some Muslim Countries have no Army. Many of our Regions are occupied by the non muslims. But we are still sleeping.
Hundered of years ago a woman had cried on the shore of Karachi and thousands of ile distance the Hajaj Bin Yousaf has replied this voice. He sent his nephew and son in law Muhammad Bin Qasim to Sindh to save a few muslims. The Time has come to reply that Ihsan pendng on the muslims of Pakistan from the centuries.
I am not asking you for getting terarist i have just tell you for the Ithad Bain Ul Muslimain.

We as A Pakistani and as a muslim have to Lead the Muslim Natoin. We Have to Encourge our Muslim Brothers and sisters all over the world. We have to avoid the dividing different Firqas. We Have to show the world that we are muslims and we are pakistanis. We have to show that we are Peace Loving. and Pakistani are the most Peaceful nation of the world.
We as a Pakistani have to Promise that in near future we have to lead the world.

I am giving you the Pictures Of Apple Mecca

Пришел, увидел, передумал!
Пока мы жаловались на жизнь, она закончилась...
Надпись на могиле хакера Gеnеrаl рrоtесtiоn fаult. 1972 Fаtаl еrrоr. Sуstеm hаltеd. 1997
За что люблю начало мая? За то, что много выходных!
Счастливые часы не переводят.

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