The recent focus of popular consumer products - Cheap Beats Pro Headphones

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Cheap Beats Pro launch will undoubtedly be very beneficial for popular music lovers, it is an entry-level fashion Cheap Beats Headphones with good sound quality performance is also very stylish atmosphere in terms of design, the headset products priced at 300 yuan holds absolute leading position, it is a very good choice of consumer-level music enthusiasts. The headset is very affordable, interest friends can go the look.

Cheap Beats Pro Black Headphones dynamic fashion design, blue and white with looks full sense of science and technology, without appearing overly fancy, it is a good choice for young fashion user with a computer video game. Wearing headset aspects Comfort, closed structure ensures excellent sound insulation. Headset microphone can be large angles rotate freely, the microphone is clear, often voice chat to provide users with greater convenience.

Product Features:

  • Exquisite workmanship, design stylish atmosphere
  • Adoption of new technologies and new materials, outstanding sound quality

Cheap Beats Pro headphones and not too fancy look, which is targeted at the entry-Cheap Beats Pro Black Headphones is bound with Cheap Beats Headphones style design, but relative to traditional Cheap Beats Headphones, its appearance looks and very avant-garde fashion, very much in line with young users. Headset workmanship is very fine, with a brushed-style panel, the first two parts wrapped in a layer of leather, The earmuffs also using the soft leather, fit to wear comfortable, closed-end structure ensures excellent sound insulation .

Cheap Beats Pro headphones design relative to the original, more beautiful, with a mix of blue and white. The overall housing part with a white design with blue decorative shell out the sound hole, and font, looks very sense of technology. The headphones use a full-face design, earmuffs part soft leather earmuffs, excellent elasticity, comfortable to wear, and the sound effects are very good. The first beam part of the headset filled with thick sponge material, can effectively disperse head oppressively ensure wearing comfort.

Cheap Beats Pro Headphones
Product Type: dynamic headphones
Wear mode: Headset
Function: video game
Cell diameter: 40mm
Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 96dB
Rated power: 50mW
Headphone plug: 3.5/6.3mm stereo plug
Headphone cable: 2m
Headphone cable design: unilateral
Shape features: flip the ear shell design
Pluggable headphone wire
Overall Design: Matt Black

Cheap Beats Pro headphone design stylish atmosphere, exquisite workmanship, it is world-class sound guru Phil Jones personally calibrated using the big black around the refers to the voice coil and a new diaphragm technology to ensure quality performance. The headset still diaphragm surface covered with "Pure Sound" coating guaranteed pure quality performance. Cheap Beats Pro Headphones also changeover design, easy to carry and to upgrade the wire, it's sound quality three-band equalizer, rich in detail and delicate, be applied in a variety of types of music to listen to.

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