muscles in the front of the hips

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1. Lower Back pain and stiffness after sitting or bending or going from sitting to standing especially along the lower spine and across the waistline- Common causes: Hip flexor (muscles in the front of the hips) tightness, spasm or strain, especially in the Psoas muscle which attaches to all levels of the Lumbar Spine (lower back), including the intervertebral discs, and runs forward and down along the front portion of the pelvis to attach at Bockthe upper groin area. Also involved is the Iliacus muscle which attaches at the pelvis and runs forward and down along the front portion of the pelvis to attach next to the Psoas muscle at the upper groin area..

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Systemic reactions such as fatigue, weakness, and muscle aches and pains are rare but have been reported with DEET. These have resolved without treatment. Cardiovascular reactions such as hypotension (low blood pressure) and bradycardia (abnormal slowing of heart rate) are extremely rare---as of 2009 only one case had ever been reported.

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