es of the maxillary bones to the same transverse l

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es of the maxillary bones to the same transverse l

ts Library, Mammalia, vol. ii. , Felincc, and of Mr. Darwin Zoology of tho Beagle may be consulted with advantage. Dr. Horsfield and Mr. Vigors ZooL Jour., vol. iv. p. 380 remark that they are not of M. Tcmmincks opinion, that the determination of species in such groups as these rests upon any examination, however acute, of preserved specimens in cabinets, or in auy research, however extensive, into the stores of furriers. Such examination, they think, leads to conjecture probable and plausible conjecture, it may be true, but still conjecture, and not facts. They add that we are in this way as likely to fall into tho error of confounding true species as into that of creating nominal ones, and they express their opinion that the truth can be satisfactorily attained only by diligent researches in the native country of these animals, or by accurate observations on their changes and differences as to sex, age, and season, when in a living state and in confinement. M. Temminck, in his Tableau Methodique 1827, states that then there were known 30 distinct species of Cats, and 7 or 8 other doubtful indications. I. The Lions. LioMichael Kors Factory Outletn is the English name for the form in which carnivorous develRalph Lauren Outletopment is generally considered to be the most perfect AtW of the Greeks akhjo, Lioness Leo of the Romans Lea and Lecena, Lioness Leone of the Italians Leonessa, Lioness Leon of the Spanish Lion of the French Lionne, Lioness Linceau, whelp Lowe of the Germans Lowinn, Lioness. The male is, as a general rule, ornamented with a mane the female has no such ornament. There are, it appears, distinguishing characteristics marking the differences between the skulls of the Lion and Tiger. Professor Owen explained these to a meeting of the Zoological Society of London 1834, when several crania of these two species were exhibited. He adverted to the distinctions pointed out by Cuvier in the Ossemens Fossiles, and remarked on the first of them namely, the straightness of the outline in the lion from tho midspaceof the postorbital processes to the end of the nasal bones in one direction, and to the occiput in the other, as not being in all cases available but he regarded the second distinction —the flattening of the interorbital space in the Lion and its convexity in the Tiger—as being more constant and appreciable. He pointed out however a distincNorth Face Outlettion which had never, according to his belief, been published, which is, he observed, well marked, and which appears to be constant for he found it to prevail throughout the whole of the skulls of these animals which he had examined, including ten of the Lion and upwards of twenty of the Tiger. It consists in the prolongation backwards in the cranium of the Lion, of the nasal processes of the maxillary bones to the same transverse line which is attained by the coronal or superior ends of the nasal bones in the Tiger the nasal processes of the maxillary bones never extend nearer to the transverse plane attained by the nasal bones than onethird of an inch, and sometimes fall short of it by twothirds, terminating also broadly in a straight or angular outline, just as though the rounded and somewhat pointed ends which these processes have in the Lion had been cut off. Professor Owen noticed also minor diffBeats By Dre Cheaperences in the form of the nasal aperture, which in the Tiger is disposed to narrow downwards and become somewhat triangular, while in the Lion its tendency is towards a square Bhape in the deeper sinking in a longitudinal depression of the coronal extremities of the nasal bones in the Tiger than in the Lion in the bounding of this depression above in most of the Tigers crania by a small but distinct semilunar ridge, which is not found in those of the Lion and in the larger comparative size, chiefly in their transverse diameter of the infraorbital foramina in the Lion. Professor Owen remarked that it was curious that these foramina were double either on one or both sides in the only four skulls examined of lions which were known to be Asiatic, whilst in all the others the foramen was single on each side. Another communication to the same society becomes interesting Skeleton of Lion. from its being asDiscount Oakley Sunglassessociated with the popular belief tha.

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