diate section this part of the organisation is sti

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diate section this part of the organisation is sti

behind the external nostril fr om its position therefore the odorous particles iu inspiration must first impinge upon this bone. Its nasal surface is pretty uniform, presenting only one curved groove, parallel with and near to the lower margin of the bone, in this respect differing widely from the lower turbinated bone in the hare its exterior surface is similarly characterised. In the preparation the outer lamella has been cut away to show the subjacent fold. The whole being minutely injected, the vascularity of the pituitary membrane extended over this vast and Michael Kors Factory Outletcomplicated surface is well displayed. The pituitary membrane is evidently thickest and most vascular at the anterior part of the cavity, where it must receive the first impression of the external air. A portion of the pituitary membrane is reflected from the base of the middle turbinated bone, showing the fibres of the olfactory nerves spreading over it. In No. 1554 the opposite section of the same bead and No. 1555 the intermediate section this part of the organisation is still further illustrated. The sense of hearing is acute in most of the Cats. Thero is, in the greater number of mammiferous quadrupeds, connected with the tympanum, another cavity which Blumenbach compares, with regard to the situation of the bony organ that contains it, to tho mastoid cells in the temporal bone of man. In several animals and the cat is one of them this organ is a mere bony cavity. The ossicula auditus, considering the lenticulus as only a process of the incus, are three, as in the human subject. In the Museum of the College of Surgeons there is a preparation No. 1600, Gallery oRalph Lauren Outletf a section of the cranium of a young lion, including the organ of hearing of the left side. A part of the meatus is preserved with the membrana tympani, and the cavity of the tympanum is laid open, showing the convexity of the membrane turned towards it, as in most Mammalia. Catalogue, vol. iii Sight is acute in the Fdida, and they have the nictitating membrane very large and moveable. The pigment, as far as is known, is generally speaking of two colours, and the anterior perforation of the iris is formed of two segments of large circles joined, giving it a long and a short axis, the long axis being vertical. In the Museum of the College of Surgeons No. 1710, Gallery is the eye of a lion minutely injected by the ciliary arteries, and the sclerotic coat transversely divided,North Face Outlet and reflected from the choroid, to show the vascularity of that tunic. No. 1730 is a preparation of the eye of a lion, showing the brood patch of tapetum lucidum below and also a little above Beats By Dre Cheapthe insertion of the optic nerve. The succeeding numbers to No. 1733 inclusive are also illustrative of this part of the organisation in the lion and the leopard. John Hunter, Observations on Certain Farts of the Animal Q£conomy, remarks, that when the pigmentum is of more than one colour in the same eye, the lighter portion is always placed at the bottom of the eye, in the shape of a halfmoon with the circular arch upwards tho straight line or diameter passing almost horizontally across the lower edge of the optic nerve, so that the end of the nerve is within this lighter coloured part, which makes a kind of semicircular Bweep above it and he observes that the shape is peculiar to the Cat, Lion, Dog, and most of the carnivorous tribe. Professor Owen observes that the Cheetah has the circular pupil of the Lion, Tiger, Leopard, and Jaguar. Zool. Proc., 1833. The osteology of the Fdida presents little for tho distinction of species except size, and in no animal does specific character depend upon Bize and colour more entirely than it does in this family. There are indeed differences such for instance as that pointed out by Professor Owen between the skull of the lion and that of the tiger but taken Discount Oakley Sunglassesas a whole the skeleton of a cat is very nearly the miniature representation of that of a lion or a tiger. We accordingly find that the disposition of many leading zoologists has been to bring all the numerous species under one genuB. Linneeus arranges them under Felit, the third genus of his order Fera, placing them between the Dogs Cattis and Viverra. Illiger assigns to th.

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