Slavery In Modern Scenario

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عہدِ معاصر میں غلامی جناب شمس الہدٰی قاسمی کا انگریزی زبان میں تحریر کردہ مضمون ھے جس میں آج کے دور کے تناظر میں غلامی پر بحث کی گئی ھے۔

Islam always encourages building a good and healthy society where peace and harmony must prevail among the people by their mutual cooperation and understanding. Discrimination and maltreatment with any class of people have no place in Islamic social order. Islam vigorously asserts to behave well with neighbours, be he believer or not. Islam orders to wink at 70 mistakes of the slaves daily, if he exceeds the limit, you may punish him. Islam challenges the non-believers to show such conducts to their slaves and servants. The prophet (saw), while leaving for heavenly abode, said, “I advise you to be mindful of salah and courteous conduct to slaves.”

Despite the fact, Islam has a clear guidance of a healthy society and strict directives with regards to slaves and servants, the western media and anti Islamic elements move heaven and earth to malign the true face of Islam when talking about the Islamic concept of slavery but do not dare to notice the inhumane treatment of the USA with the prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay. They are chained hand and foot in a fetal position to the floor, without a chair, or food or water. The conditions are so pathetic that they urinated and defecated on themselves. They are fainted due to the unventilated rooms. Is it not human rights violation what the US is doing across the world? What’s more, according to a report, approximately 655000 people have died since the US invaded and occupied Iraq, not to speak of mass killing in Afghanistan.

This is the result of human made rules and laws and going against the natural teachings what Islam has directed its followers about war prisoners and slaves. Through history there have been wars and innumerable people killed and made captives. In Islam, enslaved are distributed among the army men and not put behind the bars whereby the government incurs extra burden of managing jails, providing food and clothes to the prisoners. Moreover the prisoners remain deprived of the society life. They always feel locked up and remain the enemy of the government. While observing the Islamic directive the government avoids the extra burden on the treasury and the inmates feel free to walk and enjoy the life of society. He dose not have the kind of feeling of imprisonment. If the master shows courteous conduct to the salve, he would treat the family as his own. The salve finds enough freedom to learn sciences and arts and become civilised and cultured under the supervision of his master. We, therefore, find numerous stories of slaves in Islamic history wherein they reached the highest glory to sciences and arts and were raised to even office of governor and king. The history bears witnesses of the salves who became jurists, muhaddith, commentator of the Qur’an and man of letters and so forth.

It is the teachings of Islam that compel the masters of inmates to behave well with them. Islam directs the masters to dress the salves what he desires for himself, provide the food what he prefers for himself, and seat him beside himself. The prophet (SAW) continued to warn the same till he breathed his last. The Prophet (SAW) said, “I advise you to be mindful of salah and courteous conduct to slaves.”

In today’s scenario we witness only oppression, subjugation and abuse in the name of liberalization and modern civilization. The harsh and inhuman treatment with the prisoners in Cuba by The USA Army, in no case, is justified. It is pen violation f international law.

It is Islam that can give shelter and justice to one and all. May Allah enable us all to understand Islam and follow its commandments!

Slavery in Modern Scenario
Shamsul Huda Qasmi
[email protected]

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