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Golden Tale

There was an angel, who was so honest and wants to make all as he was in his good character, he lived in heaven, one day in his heart one wish came, that “I want to look human how they are”

He said to God “God I want to go on earth and want to see the human and want to spend virtues between good humans, God replied, don’t make that wish to me, you have goodness and human have goodness and badness too, so you just live in heaven,
But angel wanted to see how much he has goodness, angel believed upon himself that “he is good then all will be happened in his life will be good”
He said to God again and again “then God allowed him to go for one month only and said “on one condition you will come back with the great Virtue” angel happily accepted it”
On the sky he was flying before land on earth “he was listening that one girl called God and cried “Oh God I want to die, I want to die I don’t want to live more” angel listen that voice and surprised and decided that he would help her,
Angel landed on earth in the face of a human, and went near the girl and said her” I was going somewhere and I heard your voice “why do you want to die what was the reason behind it”
Girl looked at him and replied that “I want to die because in my life I have found all the people are mean and have bad intention,

So that I am so tired now I want to go heaven, I have heard about heaven that good people live there, and there is no badness in heaven, now I want to die this is my big wish of life.
After listening her story angel decided to help her and will try to change her big wish of life.
Angel thought ‘if I give her my love then May I do big virtue and I will clear her and her concepts,
Angel almost told her that he wanted to give her new name ‘fairy’ she say “no” One day angel again told her that he wants to call her by name ‘fairy’ she smiled and said ok you might call me fairy.
Fairy asked her what I should call you, what’s your name, angel replied her that she can call him angel. She said him,” No you are no Angel, she don’t believe him but she want to believe”
Angel told fairy sometime that ‘God is the great thinker about us and our future, God
Thinks great for us, but we have no sense may be someone needed you on earth may be God want to look your patient may be God fulfill your all wishes on earth so please change your wish of die.
Fairy replied ‘No Never’ but angel want to listen by her ‘yes off course’
As angel had short time on day angel told her that he would like her really in upon that words she reply, ‘every one can change everything’ but I am not like every one, and my love is not a thing, Angel, this time pleasure knocked on your door in the face of my love so allow me to enter in your dark room of your heart and dreams. Please believe

Angel almost spoke himself that ‘If I am good then every thing will be happened well, because where is goodness, God is there.’
Five days remain in one month; angel was being afraid and nervous.
He told fairy all the dreams not true in some dreams we need others help and I need your help to fulfilling of my dream, kindly believe on your angel but fairy did not
Last moment came angel said that listen I have short time I want to live more with you please accept my love and give me your true love

After losing all dream she was seeing afraid to look dream with angel she has accepted and told angel that ‘love is like flower which die after season but friends like river which always flows in all season’ but angel insisted her upon love and angel told her that in every relation love is must not friendship then why you not chouse best thing in relation,
But she unaware that angel has no long time to stay now angel have one day left with angel waited listen by fairy that she loved him fairy was so hearted by the people, so she can’t believe upon angel talk.
At last angel told her all true that he came from sky and he meet with you then he decided to help you, believe me may be tomorrow I will go back and leave you, her life was full of pain so she says “no” it doesn’t happened and she refuse angel truth,
Angel looked at sky and disappeared as fairy looked behind back angel was not there,

After coming back on sky in front of God, Angel admitted that human have mind to think upon positive and negative so that they lose virtues in their thinking and he said sorry to God , Angel felt in himself there is love for fairy, God says go in heaven and don’t again make any wish which is out of heaven.
As angel entered in heaven he looked that earth fairy was waiting for him he looked her and surprised, he asked fairy how she was here, fairy told her that after your departure I wept and requested to God that I loved an angel and I wanted to go where he was their, and God accepted my request and now I am with you after morning, sorry I could not see your tears and I leave you, now I accept I loved you and may be more than you,
Both prayed thanks to God, and lived happy with that concept ‘good God always with good people and all happened good with them’
‘Good concepts get always God’s heaven’
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