Karbala and lal masjid operation’s similarities

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Incidents of Karbala
1. The first and the foremost was the demand of implementation of Islamic Shariah by Hazrat Hassan Hussain.
2. In that war innocent women and children were killed brutally.
3. All their water resources were cut off and many people died of thirst.
4. It was a war between Muslims and Muslims.
5. It was a war between the powerful (yazeed) and the weak.
6. The powerful got the victory and now he is cursed every second.

Incidents of Lal masjid
1. Their demand was to put forth the Islamic shariah.
2. During the operation hundreds of women and children were killed why because they were in that masjid. And the government is refusing to give the actuall number of people being killed in that operation.
3. It was a war between mere 50 people with army forces loaded with latest gun ships and rocket launchers.
4. War between Muslims and Muslims.
5. War between the dictator Musharaf ( now Yazeed) and the weak Mulas.
6. Powerful got the victory and destroyed everything there.

Now my question is to you all you guys…

Who were the Shaheeds in that Lal Masjid operation??…

The ones who were fighting for Mushraf (who wanted to prove to the Us, that look I am innocent and am fighting against the extremist forces and that I am the only one who can control Pakistan. So please let me stay.)
the ones who wanted to get rid of army dogs and wanted to impose Islamic Shariah. I know their approach was wrong but is it right to bomb that area when they knew there are hundreds of women and children. Suppose someone hijacks the plane. And they threaten to kill people if their demands are not fulfilled.
The government is left with no other choice but to agree to their demands. How many confrontations are there when the government bombs that plane just to kill a few terrorists along with hundreds innocent people? So why was this operation conducted at the first place??

The army dogs are killing innocent people everywhere, Waziristan, Dera Bugti, Balochistan, 12th May Karachi incident and now Islamabad.

We should put stop to this killing. They are our servants. We pay them. They are ruling their masters and not only ruling them but killing them for their power. Now its time to kick them out… and it can be only done if we unite under one banner. And show them our strength…Tell them what we are capable of.


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