The Hockey jerseys have just text on the front

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Back in September I wrote about a guy who made up an instruction manual for creating your own Hockey jersey. Unhappy with what Team Great Britain was wearing, Ninh set out to make some improvements. Actually, the design of the Thrashers thirds is very good and distinctive, which the in-game pictures show. Man those Ducks hockey Jerseys look nice. That shoulder logo makes it look so clunky. It features the half elbow stripes below the Hockey jersey number seen on the Oilers and Panthers home and road sweaters. The numbering and lettering style appears to be the same as the red and white jerseys. However, it's difficult in this image to make out the type used for the text on the front. Their previous 3rd was much better, not great, but better. Even the odd color isn't bad. But the Hockey jerseys still need an honest-to-god logo--the wordmark is far too small and the numbers get lost. That's just awful. Really awful. Seriously. The Hockey jerseys are bad enough but look at those socks! I don't even know what to say about those. got a brief mention on Flyers Wire. Writer Frank Seravalli talked about the Philadelphia Flyers' new third nhl jersey, including the leaked picture. He's got information on how, when and where you can buy nhl winter classic jerseys. The oilers third Hockey jersey from the last couple of years was awesome probably the best of all time.

Marty Biron is expected to don this new vintage-themed mask on Friday, November 28 when the Philadelphia Flyers debut their new orange third jersey. The shirt on the blog is very similar to one created by jersey designers Shinedog years ago for a tournament but I can't find any pictures online - it's not such a radical redesign as would first appear. I'm not the only one that remembers it so i've not dreamt it up!! Almost forgot one. Jeff Deslauriers donned a special mask on Thursday night when the Edmonton Oilers wore their third jersey. I'd like to see it on a player, but this may be toward the top of my list of new bobby orr boston bruins jersey. Very cool to see that guy's suggestions for his country's jerseys being used. I hope he gets something out of it. Dwayne Roloson has a really nice new mask as well. The logo on the 'new' jerseys and the blog is part of the Great Britain Olympic logo. The photo in the post was from the attempt to get through pre-qualification for the Olympics so no surprise that the Olympic logo was used. Be interesting to see what GB wear the next time their in action. Not that I dislike the Oilers' third, but what happened to their old "oil drop" third jersey? I happened to like that one!

During this afternoon's Live Chat, those who were able to join us enjoyed the standard pre-leak history lesson looking at the Ottawa Senators' past Jerseys. I may be in the minority when I say this, but I honestly would have liked to have seen a gold jersey, just so we don't have the same Blue, Black, and Red Hockey jerseys The Senators will officially unveil their third jerseys a week from today, but you can have a sneak peek right now. Just like we did with the Sharks, if any of our talented artists would like to take a stab at creating a graphic that enhances what we're seeing here, I'd be thrilled to add it as a follow-up to this post. I honestly don't think it's all that bad. Could it be better? Possibly. I know it's on my Christmas list regardless! Also, while many may hate it I remember also some hating the Sens 3rd when they debuted it in 1998. Better than I feared when seeing the teaser, but still not great. I don't get the half-stripes, but at least they put them on the outside of the arm instead of the idiocy the Oilers and Panthers went with. The stripes growing from narrow on the front to wide at the back is interesting. The front reminds me of the Ducks' jersey, which already isn't good. And then they add these weird stripes. I'd say that this is actually worse than the Ducks Hockey jersey. Move over Thrashers, another contender for worst third Hockey jersey this season. This Hockey jersey doesn't know what it wants to be. Usually you'll see arm striping or something across the bottom or hideous side panels or something under the arms. This Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys has all four of those features.

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