Does the Coal Industry Get Subsidies

Submitted by maryns on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 08:38

Does the Coal Industry Get Subsidies The Kentucky state government's net subsidy to coal is $115 million. Virginia grants tax credits of about $26 million to power plants just to burn Virginia coal, and doles out credits ranging from 40 cents to $2 per ton for another 20 million tons not burned by power plants. House of Representatives last year. It remains to be seen what will emerge after the Senate has its go Moncler Jackets Sale at the bill, but the EPA own analysis notes that there will be substantial subsidies for carbon-capture technology, up to $90 per ton for carbon dioxide that's "captured" in the first ten years. This is why some critics say it looks more like a Does the Coal Industry Get Subsidies "Coal Subsidy Act" than a Clean Energy and Security Act. For those who don't have time to wade through the 946-page proposed law, Grist provides a valuable summary of welfare for coal here. Among the coal subsidies cited: In the cap-and-trade program, a portion of the 85 percent of emission permits would be given away for free to the coal industry. (The EPA projects the total value of emissions permits to reach $113 billion in 2025.) Energy-intensive industries, which obviously use coal, would get 15 percent of the free permits, while coal would get 5 percent. On top of this, a whopping $60 billion would be dedicated to carbon-capture-and-sequestration technology, the bulk of which would benefit the coal industry. Among the indirect subsidies to coal are $20 billion to develop electric vehicles and other automotive technologies. (As I noted before, electric cars are not a magical solution to energy waste because EVs require vast amounts of power, much of which will come from coal if we continue on the present course.)Another troubling matter is that our obsessive quest for more and cleaner energy is blinding us to other important environmental issues. Ripping off the tops of mountains and choking streams up with the rubble to mine coal is every bit as noxious as emitting global-warming gases. So is building new power plants and power lines to feed electric cars, not to mention building thousands of miles of new roads for them. Even solar and wind power are not environmentally benign. The cleanest, cheapest, quickest source of energy is quite simply to use less. I quite certain that we can cut overall energy use in half without sacrificing anything except our pathetic need for oversized, overheated, overcooled, overlit, over-gadgetized homes built on endless stretches of roads where we drive 3 trillion miles per year - 500 billion more than just 15 years ago. True, we owe an enormous debt to coal. It fueled the Moncler Jackets Industrial Revolution, which has made our lives a whole lot easier than most of our ancestors years of unremitting toil. Alas, though the time may have come to retire the stuff to technological museums, coal still produces almost half of our electrical energy. But unless we demand radical policy changes in the form of drastically improved energy conservation and efficiency, we could be stuck with coal for a long time to come. We're trying to use it in so many different forms, in super-critical heating, and things of this sort. We're running into roadblocks with the EPA from every turn that we go. We're trying to use it in conjunction with our natural gas productions, and trying to look at the changing the fleet to compressed natural gas, I think that's very doable. I specially like this part doesn end with this list. House of Representatives last year. Ripping off the tops of mountains and choking streams up with the rubble to mine Moncler Dress Women coal is every bit as noxious as emitting global-warming gases. The Sierra Club does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any posting. The Sierra Club accepts no obligation to review every posting, but reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete postings that may be considered offensive, illegal or inappropriate. Sierra Club and "Explore, enjoy and protect the planet" are registered trademarks of the Sierra Club. 2011 Cheap Moncler Jackets Sierra Club.

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