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Speaking of Beats by Dre brand, I believe can be said that no one I do not know something well-known, and its product line covers a very wide, such as lighting equipment, ion battery, digital cameras and even small electric shaver can be said that, in the digital world is an influential brand. But in the field of HiFi headphones, Panasonic has as yet not a large number of new product launches. But with the opening up of the market, the land of the headset industry development, Beats by Dre listening level, street style has DJ dedicated different types of products launched in recent years, frequent moves, the camera, and user acceptance.

Our evaluation of the protagonist is a Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphones. This Cheap Beats by dr dre headphones to our first impression is light weight as well as multiple collapsible design, I believe that the more personal experience for friends who often go out to these two points. But now most portable headphones the sound quality on the market is not working well, this will give Justin beiber Beats by Dre surprise us? Let us wait and see.

Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphonesJustin beiber Beats by Dre headphones

  1. Wear mode: Headset
  2. Frequency response: 12-25000Hz
  3. Power: 1000mW
  4. Impedance: 24 ohms
  5. Sensitivity: 105dB
  6. Plug: 3.5mm plug
  7. Speaker diameter: 28mm
  8. Cable length: 2m
  9. Product Weight: 92g
  10. Product Accessories: Φ6.3mm transfer interface

The Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphone frequency response range of 12-25000Hz, sensitivity up to 105dB, impedance of only 24 ohms headset can be seen in the parameters for portable audio build, so the user can dispel the thrust of the sound effects. Below, we highlight this product from the appearance, wear, sound quality.

Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphones with fully transparent packaging design, consumers can be clearly seen from the outside shape of the headset, while the style of packaging and product style, giving the user a seamless feel. In addition, detailed product parameters printed on the back of the packaging, with different audio aspects of the user at the time of purchase. Overall, this headset packaging continues the consistent design philosophy of the Japanese manufacturers.

Material aspects, although of Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphones with full plastic structure, but the workmanship is very fine, solid materials, the strong framework of headphones feel quite good. In addition, we found that the the Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphones in many details of the design very intimate, for example, regulating the activities of the first beam portion to set rules particles, user-friendly push-pull.

Sponge part of the headset is soft, delicate materials, long wearing oppressive. Meanwhile, the non-full-face structure comfort lot of extra points. However, relatively speaking, the noise resistance is also little of the loss. It is worth mentioning is Justin beiber Beats by Dre for DJ-style headphones, iconic unilateral flip listening is essential in the flip process, the damping medium, and you can feel the sense of place, to prevent misuse.

Beats Studio Justin beiber headphones have three folding first folding through both sides of the shaft, and then the top of the shaft will automatically bend After these two steps, the headset can be smaller in size to the palm-sized, easy to put clothes pocket. Plug part of the turn 6.3mm headset comes with a 3.5mm plug, user-friendly shuttle professional front-end equipment.

Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphones due to the open architecture, it is in the sound field performance, music sense of encirclement can quickly adjust user to enter the state. Low-frequency side, this headphones a good dive depth, moderate amount of sense, we can say that Sincere to the meat, the feeling of no clear-cut, very suitable for the interpretation of popular music. But Justin beiber SOLO Beats by Dre headphones is slightly less than in the mid-high resolving power, the permeability slightly worse.

Cheap Beats by dr Dre headphones is a good blend of DJ and popular style, lightweight, compact and excellent folding effects will become a favorite of outdoor users. The same time, in terms of sound quality, the headset did not let our disappointment, prominent bass expressive cater to the taste of today's young people listening. Overall, the the Europe Department headphones power today, Justin beiber Beats by Dre headphones as a representative of the U.S. Department of headset gives users a new choice, a new trend. Stream.

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