Beats Pro by Dre is a very high cost of entry-music headphones

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As a representative of the headphones brand has inherent advantages in popularity. As we all know, Beats by Dre has an excellent reputation in the professional field, especially professional DJ and a recording studio, beats by dre devices everywhere. It can be said, to a certain extent, beats by dre professional equipment for civilian products have a far-reaching impact.

white blue beats pro by dre headphones

The evaluation of the protagonist from a portable headphone series launched Beats Pro by Dre series is the flagship model of the portable out to the streets, many of them there are many classic products. The white and blue Beats Pro by Dre is on the basis of the old section of the upgrade, and in the end whether impress consumers? First let us look at the characteristics of the headphone: white, light and comfortable! These three points to meet the various requirements of the users of the Street. Price part, 399USD perhaps slightly higher than at mainstream price points, but this ability to block the enthusiasm of young people do fashion?

Product Type: dynamic headphones
Function: video game
Cell diameter: 40mm
Frequency range: 9-30000Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 105dB
Maximum power: 1200mW
Headphone plug: 3.5mm plug (gold-plated)
Headphone cable: 1.2m
Product Weight: 115g

white red beats pro by dre headphonewhite and red Beats Pro by Dre frequency response range of up to 9-30000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity of up to 105dB, parameters, this Beats Pro by Dre headphone products targeted at low-frequency, but the parameters can not reflect all the headphones. Below from the appearance of the product, and the subjective listening evaluation of Beats Pro by Dre headphones. Beats Pro by Dre continues before the classic styling that is worth mentioning is that the metal wire drawing process is preserved on the headphone. At the same time, this headphone has the currently most fashionable color - white. Once upon a time, under the lead of Apple, the white gradually become the best colors for digital products. This alone is enough to attract a few more eyes.

Beats Pro by Dre folding capability, two units shaft medial flip, then volume can be reduced to a sufficiently portable the super portable ability to meet the users often out to the streets. Ear pads section, taking into account the upcoming summer, wrapped leather ear pads also carefully designed ventilation holes ensure wearing comfort, but also does not seem to feel oppressed. Overall, Beats by Dre headphones occupy the three characteristics of white, brushed metal and portable from the appearance of speaking is quite successful, continue to add points to the user in mind Japanese headphone. In the summer, you will not to take her out to the streets?

Beats Pro by Dre is not the kind of blind pursuit of low-frequency boom head headphones, low frequency element in the music for it, dive depth and amount of sense is not a lot, but it has good flexibility, you can feel the low frequency elastic from the results. IF section, Beats Pro by Dre vocal position very position, especially in the lateral sense of space played a finishing touch, not head too concentrated. High frequency part, there is not much fancy modification, but a calm, no sharp height, more than a solid. Overall, the Beats Pro by Dre Cheap headphones more emphasis on resolving power based pop vocal control in place. Beats Pro by Dre is a typical Japanese style headphones, the use of psychological and captures the user's appearance, it can be said enough fashion. The sound quality is part of a balanced mixer on the market today are less common, but there is no obvious shortcomings design can indeed respond to many types of music.

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