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Globalization & Economic Disparities - By: ibn-e-Umeed اِبنِ اُمید

Dr Susan George of Greenpeace says: “Acting globally has become a practical necessity in a world where we are acted upon globally, where decisions affecting our lives are taken at levels, far remote from ordinary democratic practices that no citizen has a hope of influencing them”.

Since the early 70s, major changes have taken place in the global economy. The direction of power has been moving towards regional and global supra-national institutions and out of reach of the democratic controls at the local levels. Among the threads which have come together to form an unmistakable pattern, few developments in the early 70s were the key.

Since its founding by David Rockefeller (Chairman Chase Manhattan Bank) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor) in the early 70s, the “Trilateral Commission” has been moving quietly to establish a “borderless” world in which the transnational corporations would be free of interference from the local states, so they could compete effectively in the “new world order”.

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Restructuring Globalization Process – By: ibn-e-Umeed اِبنِ اُمید

According to anti-globalization activists, current world economic order is only serving the elite minority and making the majority poorer just because the corporate globalization or free-market capita

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