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ch; inch but that sounds of physical violence should have occasioned surpriseAlas! reverend Father, there is in Scotland only oue place where the shriek of the victim, and dangers of the oppressor, are not heard and that, Father, isthe grave. inch The prior endured in sincere silence, sympathizing with the feelings of a monarch whoever tenderness of heart suited so ill with the condition and good manners of his people. inch And what became of the fugitives? inch asked Robert, after a minute's pause. inch Surely, Sire, inch said the prior, inch they were laid off, as they desired to be, before daylight; and after we had sent out to be reassured that no ambush of their adversaries watched them in the location, they went their way in peace. inch inch You know nothing, inch inquired the King, inch who the men were, or the cause of their taking retreat with you? inch inch The cause, inch said the prior, inch was a riot with the townsmen; but how coming up is not known to us. The custom of our house is to afford twentyfour hours of uninterrupted retreat in the haven of Saint. Dominic, without asking any question at the poor unfortunates who have sought relief there. If they desire to stay for a longer space, the cause of their turning to haven must be put upon the register of the convent; and, acknowledburberry outletged be our holy St ., many persons escape the weight of the law by this temporary protection, whom, did we know the smoothness of their offenses, we might have burberry outlet onlinefound ourselves required to establish up to their pursuers and persecutors. inch As the Earlier spoke, a dim idea occurred to the Monarch, that the benefit of haven thus peremptorily executed, must prove a severe being interrupted to the course of justice through his realm. But he repelled the feeling, like it had been a suggestion of Satan, and took care that not a single word should escape to betray to the churchman that such a profane thought had ever occupied his bosom; on the contrary, he hastened to change the subject. inch The sun, inch he said, inch moves slowly on the lwww.burberryoutletstoresvip.comisting. After the jtainful information you have given me, I expected the Lords of iny Local authority or council ere now, to take order with the ravelled affairs THE FAIIt HOUSE MAID OF PERTH. of tliis unhappy riot. Evil was the fortune which gave me rule over a people, among wburberry outlet 26hom it seems to me I am in my own person the only man who

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