United States of Kashmir

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people of Kashmir wish to determine their own future without any internal of external pressure but in last 63 years Pakistan is using different tactics to overthrow and dismantle their wishes and aspiration by buying some Kashmiri stooges inside Kashmir.
We are striving for united, independent, sovereign Jammu Kashmir state.
Shahid latif khan
Bagh (POK)

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RE: United States of Kashmir

Mr. Shahid

I am also from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir (not PO Kashmir).

How can u say these things about Pakistan. Everybody knows that majority of Kashmiris (more than 98% in Azad Kashmir and 75% overall) loves Pakistan. Insha'allah whole Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan.

Being a Kashmiri I know that you people are less than 0.1% in Azad Kashmir. By writing this type of fucking stuff you are dismantling our wishes. Kashmir is incomplete without Pakistan and Pakistan without Kashmir.

Kashmir bany ga Pakistan!!!!!!
Pakistan Zindabad!

Waqar Ahmad Khan
Mzd. Azad Kashmir

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United States of Kashmir

Mr Waqar Ahmad

I am also from Bagh Azad Kashmir

how can you say that Kashmir is incomplete without Pakistan you know the historical setting of Kashmir policy been persuaded by both Pakistan and India for last sixty four years and the responses approaches by the resistance to identify and understand the fault line and judge whether or not the present on going dialogue process would have any result oriented credibility that could pave the way to reduce the hard ship of people of the sub continent of India.

Sohail Ahmad