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1. When did the Sindh assembly decided to join Pakistan?
2. By which margin the Sindh assembly decided to join Pakistan?
3. Who were the members of the Steering Committee of the Partition Council in the Center?
4. What was description of the border between East and West Bengal?
5. What was the population of Bengal before partition in 1947?
6. What was the area of Bengal before partition in 1947?
7. What was the estimate of the former Bengali population in both East and Wast Bengal after partition in 1947?
8. Who was the Chairman of both the Boundary Commissions?
9. Who were the members of Boundary Commission?
10. How long did the Boundary Commission work?
11. According Justice Muhammad Munir, by which date the award had been finalized?
12. When was the Boundary Commission Award Announced? (
13. Where was Mr. Radcliff staying between Aug. 8 and Aug. 17, 1947?
14. Who was the last Governor of the undivided Punjab?
15. Who was the first Governor of the West Punjab?
16. Sir Francis Mudie found a sketch map left over in the confidential safe at Government House, Lahore. What was it about?
17. How this sketch map differed from the actual Award announced on Aug. 17, 1947?
18. According to a publication of Manchester Guardian in 1950, Gurdaspur was assigned to India possibly owing to pressure from Lord Mountbatten. Why India needed Gurdaspur so badly?
19. How many Princely States were in undivided India?
20. According to 1941 census what was the total population of all the princely states?
21. What was the total area of the princely states?
22. When was a conference of the Princely States rulers held in Delhi before after the announcement of Partition Plan?
23. What was the direction given to the rulers of the Princely States by Mountbatten in the Delhi Conference?
24. Which 3 States had failed to decide accession issue by 15th August, 1947?
25. How was the decision of joining Pakistan was reached at by the British Baluchistan?
26. Which was the largest state in Baluchistan?
27. When was the announcement of accession of Kalat to Pakistan was made?
28. What was the area of the State of Kalat?
29. What was the population of the State of Kalat?
30. When did the rulers of the states of Kalat, Las Bela , Makran and Kharan agreed to form a single State Union?
31. Which new provinces was constituted under the Indian Independence Act, 1947, (after being defined in Sir Cyril Radcliffe's boundary award)?
32. What was the population of the undivided Punjab?
33. What was the area of the undivided Punjab?
34. Which districts of the Punjab province were allotted to the newly constituted Western Punjab province?
35. What was the area of the West Punjab?
36. What was the population of West Punjab as per the 1941 census?
37. What was the percentage of Muslims in West Punjab?
38. When did polling take place in N.W.F.P for referendum on the question of union with Pakistan or India?
39. How many votes were cast in favor of both Pakistan and India in the NWFP referendum?
40. Which organization in N.W.F.P boycotted the referendum and who was the founder of this organization?
41. Which two States decided to merge in Pakistan on 4th October, 1947?
42. When were the States of Bahawalpur and Khairpur formally merged in Pakistan?
43. Who was the Prime Minister of the State of Bahawalpur?
44. What was the population of Bahawalpur state?
45. What was the area of Bahawalpur state?
46. Which district of Assam voted in favor of joining Pakistan on July 6, 1947?
47. Which three Frontier States acceded to Pakistan?
48. When did the Punjab Legislative Assembly decided in favor of the partition of the province?
49. What was the verdict of the Punjab Assembly?
50. When did the Bengal Legislative Assembly meet to decide on the question of partition of Bengal?
51. Who was the Governor of Bengal at the time of deciding the partition of the province?
52. Who was the Chief Minister of Bengal at the time of deciding the partition of the province?
53. Which was the ruling party in Bengal at the time of deciding the partition of the province?
54. What was the verdict of the Bengal Legislative Assembly on the question of partition of Bengal?
55. When did the elections take place in East and West Bengal for nominees to the Constituent Assemblies of India and Pakistan?
56. When was the award of the Punjab Boundary Commission announced?
57. When did the Nawab of Manavadar announced accession to Pakistan?
58. When was the State of Manavadar forcibly occupied by the Indian troops?
59. When did the Kathiawar State of Junagadh announced accession to Pakistan?
60. When did Pakistan accept the accession of Junagadh?
61. Who warned Pakistan that "Pakistan's acceptance of accession of Junagadh was in utter violation of principles on which the Partition pf India was agreed upon and effected"?
62. What was the population of the State of Junagadh?
63. What was the percentage of Hindu Population in the State of Junagadh?
64. Where exactly was the location of Junagadh in the Kathiawar peninsula?
65. What was the distance of Jungadh from Pakistan?
66. The landlords of which two feudatory areas of Junagadh announced accession to India?
67. When did the Indian troops enter in Babariawad and Mangrol?
68. Why did the Indian troops enter in of Babariawad and Mangrol?
69. When did the Indian troops enter in the capital city of Junagadh?
70. Who was the Dewan (Chief Minister) of the Junagadh State?
71. Who at Junagadh said " Handing over the administration to the Indian Union was comparable to inviting thief to tea" ?
72. Through which port of Junagadh India made its amphibious landing?
73. When was the referendum in under-occupation Junagadh held on the question of joining India or Pakistan?
74. What was the result of the referendum?
75. What was the area of the State of Hyderabad?
76. What was the population Hyderabad in 1947?
77. What was the title of the ruler of Hyderabad?
78. What was the name of the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar?
79. What was the decision of the Nizam of Hyderabad on the accession issue on June 11, 1947?
80. Which State, after receiving threats from Indian Government on accession issue, sought attention of the United Nations on 24-08-1947?
81. When was a standstill agreement reached between India and the Nizam of Hyderabad?
82. Which reprehensible pressure tactic was used by India to force Hyderabad for accession?
83. When did Indian forces occupy Hyderabad against the wishes of its Muslim Nawab?
84. What was the percentage of Hindu population in Hyderabad?
85. Apart from Junagadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir which other State was forced to accede to India against the wishes of its ruler?
86. What was the percentage of Muslim population in entire Kashmir at the time of partition?
87. What was the percentage of Muslim population in the valley of Kashmir at the time of partition?
88. Historically speaking from which century Kashmir was being ruled by Muslims till its conquest by Ranjit Singh in 1819?
89. When did Ranjit Singh sell the Kashmir State to the Dogra Raja, Gulab Singh for an amount of Rs. 7500,000?
90. How long is the common between Kashmir and Pakistan?
91. Who was the founder of the National Conference in Kashmir?
92. In May 1947 which President of the Indian National Congress went to Kashmir to persuade the Dogra Raja for accession with India?
93. When did the Muslim Conference of Kashmir adopt a resolution in favor of accession to Pakistan?
94. What was the name of the Maharajah of Kashmir in 1947?
95. Which Kashmir State Prime Minister was in favor of Independent Kashmir?
96. After the visit of Gandhi to Kashmir there were two significant developments; one was the appointment of Dogra Janak Singh as Prime Minister, which was the other?
97. In October 1947 Dogra Janak Singh was replaced by a nominee of Indian National Congress. What was his name?
98. What incited the Kashmiris to initiate a guerrilla war against the Dogra ruler?
99. In which district the RSS and Sikh gangs from India reached to assist the Dogra Raja in extermination of Kashmiri Muslims?
100. When did the Pathans from the tribal belt of Pakistan reach Kashmir to fight against the forces of the Dogra Raja?
101. When did the advance party of Pathan tribesmen take control of Srinagar power house?
102. According to the report of Daily Telegraph, London (dated 12-01-1948), why did the Pathan tribesmen fail to take control of Srinagar and its airport?
103. When did the Dogra Raja request Indian Government for military help?
104. Who was sent to India to view the situation after the Dogra Raja's request for military help?
105. When did the Dogra Raja flee from Srinagar to Jammu?
106. When did the Dogra Raja write a formal letter to the Indian Governor General for military help along with a signed Instrument of Accession?
107. Who brought the singed Instrument of Accession from Kashmir to Delhi?
108. When did Lord Mountbatten write a letter to Raja of Kashmir accepting the accession of Kashmir to India?
109. When did the Indian troops land at Srinagar airport?
110. Who was appointed as Chief Minister of Kashmir on Oct. 30, 1947?
111. What are the rough estimates of retired soldiers living in Poonch who had served in WW-II?
112. When did the Muslim Conference of Kashmir establish the Azad Kashmir government in the then recently liberated areas?
113. Where did the Governor Generals of India and Pakistan meet to discuss the Kashmir issue?
114. When did Pundit Nehru send a telegram to Liaquat Ali Khan promising plebiscite in Kashmir?
115. When did Pundit Nehru, in a radio broadcast, reiterated his promise of holding a plebiscite in Kashmir?
116. When did India take the question of Kashmir to UN by instituting a complaint against Pakistan in the Security Council?
117. To which chapter of UN charter did India base its complaint against Pakistan?
118. Which chapter of UN Charter deals with the "acts of aggression"?
119. In her reply to the Indian allegations the Government of Pakistan invoked which which article of the chapter VI of the UN Charter?
120. After a lengthy debate in UN Security Council on Kashmir issue in January 1948, how many resolutions were passed?
121. When did the Security Council adopt the resolution asking both India and Pakistan to refrain from aggravating the situation and apprise the Council of any material change in the situation?
122. When did the Security Council adopt the resolution for establishing United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP)?
123. How many members were in the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan?
124. When did the President of the Security Council presented drafts of resolutions submitted by Indian and Pakistani delegations (after two resolutions passed in Jan. 1948)?
125. What was the Security Council direction in its resolution dated 21-04-1948?
126. Who was the Pakistani delegate at the time of passing of resolution of 21-04-1948?
127. When did the Indian army launch the Spring offensive in Kashmir?
128. According to a report of General Gracey, which liberated areas of Kashmir were threatened by the Spring 1948 offensive of Indian Army?
129. Fearing the Spring 1948 offensive of India, what did General Gracey recommend to the Govt. of Pakistan?
130. When did the members of UNCIP visit subcontinent?
131. After negotiating the Indian and Pakistani leaders in July 1948, when did the UNCIP adopt two resolutions?
132. How many parts were in the UNCIP resolution passed on 13-08-1948?
133. According to which part of the resolution of 13-08-1948 the commission acknowledged the principle of determining future status of the State by will of people of Kashmir?
134. What was the Pakistani objection on the resolution of 13-08-1948?
135. After the hostilities initiated in Kashmir by the Spring 1948 offensive of India when did the ceasefire take place?
136. What was in the 05-01-1949 resolution?
137. Who was nominated the Plebiscite Administered by the UN Security Council on 22-03-1949?
138. When was the UNCIP wound up by the Security Council?
139. What was the arrangement made after winding up of the UNCIP?
140. Who was the first UN Representative for the purpose of demilitarization of the Kashmir State?
141. What was venue of the Conference of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers commenced on 04-01-1951) ?
142. Why did Liaquat Ali Khan threaten to stay out of the the Conference of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers commenced on 04-01-1951?
143. When did Liaquat Ali Khan finally join the Conference of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers?
144. Was the Kashmir issue discussed in the Conference of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers commence on 04-01-1951?
145. What was the proposal on Kashmir in the Conference of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers commenced on 04-01-1951?
146. What was the fate of the proposal on Kashmir in the Conference of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers commenced on 04-01-1951?
147. When did the Dixon report on Kashmir came up for consideration in the Security Council?
148. When did Sir Owen Dixon resign as the UN Representative for demilitarization of the Kashmir State?
149. Who was replaced Sir Dixon as UN Representative for demilitarization of the Kashmir State?
150. How many reports did Frank P. Graham submit to the SC from 1951 to 1958?
151. What was in the SC resolution of 23-12-1952 regarding Kashmir?
152. When did the 73 out of 75 member of the Kashmir Constituent Assembly adopted a resolution on autonomy of the State in all matters except foreign affairs?
153. On which date was Sheikh Abdullah arrested in 1952?
154. How long did Sheikh Abdullah remain jailed?
155. Why was Sheikh Abdullah arrested in 1952 by the Indian Government?
156. Where did the Indian PM Nehru and Pakistani PM Muhammad Ali Bogra meet on 25-07-1953 to discuss the Kashmir issue?
157. Where did the two PMs again meet on 16-08-1953?


1. June 26, 1947
2. by 33 to 20 votes
3. Ch. Muhammad Ali and H.M. Patel
4. "The new frontier would run approximately north-south from the Himalayan foothills east of Darjeeling to the Ganges delta on the Bay of Bengal, leaving East Bengal in Pakistan and West Bengal in India"
5. 60,000,000
6. 77000 Sq. miles
7. 35.14% in West Bengal and 64.86% in East Bengal
8. Sir Cyril Radcliffe
9. Mr. Justice Din Muhammad, Mr. Justice Muhammad Munir, Mr. Justice Mehrchand Mahajan, Mr. Justice Teja Singh
10. From 21-07-1947 to 30-07-1947
11. Aug. 8, 1947
12. 17-08-1947
13. In New Delhi as guest of Lord Mountbatten
14. Sir Even Jenkins
15. Sir Francis Mudie
16. This sketch map was the advance information provided to Sir Even Jenkins by the Radcliff award commission on the possible boundary line of Punjab
17. According to this sketch map the tehsil of Ferozepur and Zira was to be assigned to Pakistan, but in actual Award it was assigned to India
18. It was the sole land route to Kashmir, which India had planned to occupy
19. 562
20. 93 million
21. 712000 Sq. miles
22. July 25, 1947
23. Join either Pakistan or India
24. Hyderabad, Junagadh and Kashmir
25. A jirga (assembly) of all the tribal chiefs of he British Baluchistan met on June 29, 1947 and unanimously decided to join Pakistan
26. Kalat
27. April 2, 1948
28. 75000 sq. miles
29. 500,000
30. April 1952
31. East Bengal and West Punjab
32. 28,000,000
33. 100,000
34. In Lahore Division, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Sialkot. In Rawalpindi Division, Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum, and Shahpur. In Multan Division, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Lyallpur, Montgomery and Muzaffargarh
35. 62,100 Sq. miles
36. 15,800,000
37. 74.7%
38. July 6, 1947
39. 289,244 for Pakistan and 2874 for India
40. Redshirts, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
41. Bahawalpur and Khairpur
42. 7th and 12th October, 1947
43. Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani
44. 1,500,000
45. 16,500 Sq. miles
46. Sylhet
47. Chitral, Dir and Swat
48. June 23, 1947
49. 91 members (including three non-Muslims) voted in favor of joining a new Constituent Assembly, while 77 (Hindus, Sikhs and Scheduled Caste representatives) voted in favor of entering the existing Constituent Assembly, if the Province remained united.
50. June 20, 1947
51. Sir Frederick Burrows
52. Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy
53. Muslim League
54. Bengal Legislative Assembly met in two sections on June 20, 1947; the Hindu-majority section voted in favor of partition of Bengal by 58 votes to 21 and Muslim-majority section voted against partition of Bengal by 106 to 35.
55. July 4-5, 1947
56. Aug. 17, 1947
57. September, 24, 1947
58. February 15, 1948
59. August 18, 1947
60. Sept. 15, 1947
61. Lord Mountbatten
62. 800,000
63. 80%
64. South West of the Kathiawar peninsula?
65. 450 miles
66. Mangrol and Babriawad
67. November 1, 1947
68. These were the tributary states of Junagadh. The India troops entered here to find an excuse for occupying Junagadh.
69. November 9, 1947
70. Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto
71. Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto
72. Porbandar
73. Feb. 24, 1948
74. The referendum was a merely farce as there were no neutral observers and the unilateral announcement from Indian Govt. was made that 190,779 votes were in favor of India and 91 in favor of Pakistan
75. 82000 sq. miles
76. 18 million
77. Nizam
78. Mir Osman Ali Khan
79. To remain Independent
80. Hyderabad
81. Nov. 29, 1947, was to continue for one year
82. Economic blockade
83. September, 12 1948
85. Jodhpur
86. 78%
87. 93%
88. 14th Century
89. 1845
90. 250 miles
91. Sheikh Abdullah
92. Acharya Kirpalani
93. 19th July, 1947
94. Hari Singh
95. Ram Chandra Kak
96. Release of Sheikh Abudullah from Prison
97. Mehr Chand Mahajan - A former member of Boundary Commission
98. The Raja of Kashmir Hari Singh ordered Muslims to deposit all arms they possessed and also disarmed the Muslim personnel in the State army
99. Poonch
100. 21/22 October, 1947
101. 24th October, 1947
102. They got busy in plunder
103. 24th October, 1947
104. V.P. Manon
105. 25th October, 1947
106. 26th October, 1947
107. V.P. Manon
108. 27th October, 1947
109. 27th October, 1947
110. Sheikh Abdullah
111. 70000
112. 24th October, 1947
113. Lahore
114. 30th October, 1947
115. 2nd November, 1947
116. 01-01-1948
117. article 35 of Chapter VI which deals with "pacific settlement of disputes
118. Chapter VII
119. Article 35
120. Two
121. 17-01-1948
122. 20-01-1948
123. 3 (later increased to 5)
124. 28-01-2007
125. Pakistan Govt. to try to secure withdrawal of tribesmen and India was allowed to retain the minimum forces necessary to help in the civil administration
126. Sir Zafarullah Khan
127. April 1948
128. Bhimber, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Mangla and Kohala
129. Deploy Pakistan army to defend the Liberated Kashmir against Indian aggression and stop Indian forces on the general line Uri-Poonch Naosher
130. First Week of July, 1948
131. 13-08-1948 and 05-01-1949
132. Three
133. Part-III
134. It did not stipulate detailed guarantees for a free and impartial plebiscite
135. 01-01-1949
136. The accession of the State would be decided through a free and impartial plebiscite which would be held following determination by the Commission that the ceasefire and truce arrangements in terms of resolution of 13-08-1948 had been carried out
137. American Admiral Nimitz
138. 14-03-1950
139. Creation of the office of the UN Representative for the purpose of demilitarization of the Kashmir State
140. Sir Owen Dixon, a judge of the Australian High Court
141. London
142. He wanted the Kashmir issue to be on the agenda
143. 07-01-1951
144. Yes, in two sessions for seven hours
145. To station troops in Kashmir during the period of plebiscite
146. Pakistan accepted it by India rejected
147. 21-02-1951
148. 21-02-1951
149. Former American Senator Frank P. Graham on 30-04-1951
150. Six
151. Both India and Pakistan urged to enter into negotiation under Graham on the size of forces in Kashmir
152. 1952
153. 09-08-1952
154. from 09-08-1952 to 08-01-1958
155. According to his letter addressed to SC he was arrested because he pleaded for an early resolution of the dispute with Pakistan
156. Karachi
157. New Delhi

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