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Pakistan Lahore property is facing a real property crisis.Due to slump, people are not investing their money in real estate in Pakistan Lahore. Few property brokers told me that no sale purchase is taking places for last six months. Property sale purchase is badly affected due to terrorism attacks in Lahore and current law enforcing agencies operation in Swat and adjacent areas.According to many property dealers comments I learn that property sale purchase is at minimum level these days. In one of my property survey which I conducted across Lahore, I found that people have set their own wishful prices for their properties but there are very few sellers. People are not ready to take risks. People are avoiding any types of investment due to slump and poor safety situation in Pakistan.Despite this property slump, people are waiting for any good time in future where they may get higher prices for their property.However by analyzing situation in Pakistan one can easily infer that such time would not come in near future. However needy people, business changers, immigration and migration seekers are selling their property at lower prices.
Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan where real estate have always been a big business. A large number of people prefer to live in big cities in Pakistan so there is a huge demand of houses, bungalows, cottages, and apartments in Lahore. A large number real estate agencies are working in Lahore and providing their services on reasonable terms.
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