The NHL offer was very fair

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The problem is simple. I had already lost a lot of respect for the players when I saw them deliberately hold out on any negotiations until the very end. But wow, today was something else. I doubt I will ever regain any respect for them after today's insults at the negotiations. Players think they are worth more than they actually are. When they had 74% of revenue they hung tough to keep that share and a season was lost. Now as the owners attempt to continue fixing a flawed economic structure the players sense of entitlement is preventing a deal from happening. They were extremely well paid in the last NHL and they will continue to be in the next one regardless of white side of the negotiations they land on. Go risk your career and future life for 2nd rate Hockey. You and the rest of the players should stay there. Any player not playing In a North American League should not be allowed to play for their country in Sochi. Anyone wearing a Crosby or any other player's NHL jersey should be ashamed. Today, Sid and the rest of the NHL player just thanked the fans for all their support these last few years. And to add insult to injury, Sid had the nerve to tell fans he is looking at options in Europe. Although he did forget to say their would be an enormous rollback in money. But hey, the last CBA has made the players so rich that they can do whatever they like now. Their union is only strong because the NHL made them filthy rich and they can hold out as long as they want.

Do not quite understand this insurance thing that could prevent Sidney from playing in Europe. go to europe,the nhl was good without you,and maybe pittsburgh better,the last 2 years.what a bunch go to europe and pay for alot less than they play for in north america. Would he need a loan or something to cover? What difference would make how much it cost? He has millions of dollars. Bettman had better be listening when the face of the NHL talks?This is for the whole of the players, including the superstars being developed in the minors. It is the current players responsibility to not only secure a fair deal for their entire peers, but those who will carry the league into an even more successful future. This is especially true when considering the 'make whole' proposal put forward to have future players pay for the rollbacks, right? No one likes a lock out, but to place all the blame on the players without giving them the credit they are due is just silly. No hard feelings, we will get over it sid. But stay there and don't come back. And before you go, remove you're phony acts on the various Canadian or American advertisements. True colors came out today.

The NHL is nothing more than a platform for the game. The NHL did not make the players filthy rich. The players sell the game, and without them, the NHL is nothing but a billionaire's club. The thing that some don't understand is that this is not an agreement for a few players. I proudly wear my buffalo sabres home jersey. Always have and always will. You are directing our anger in the wrong direction. It's the owners who rejected three good offers today without even reading them. They are the ones who cancelled games, raise prices and offered huge deals to players they can't afford. Bettman and the owners have zero regards for the fans. I think it's funny how people think that one person needs to hold himself to a higher standard than everyone else. Crosby has proved he is not as greedy as some by signing a smaller contract with Pitts. Of course he makes a load of money, and he deserves it, but when has he ever 'played the innocent little guy who doesn't care about money? Grow up do like Mario buy you team and then well see how much you are willing to spend in payroll.

I hope this enough to get the top calibre players that are just sitting around to Europe. Maybe buy a house over there and spend the rest of your career in Europe little Sydney. The only thing that made you a super star in the NHL was the eastern press coverage. Your actual record of accomplishments in the NHL have shown you are not much above average. I worry that a bunch of hockey wives keeping their husbands at home are the reason I have to talk to mine. I want the NHL to hire all the players from Europe who have been displaced by NHL stars. Even if the NHL pays them twice what they were making in Europe, they'd still be only a fraction of the cost of the NHL player guys, and the NHL could pass the savings onto us the consumers. Since the start of his lockout, every time I hear Crosby's voice over the deal I lose respect for him, players are completely retarded, let them go to Europe play for less, fly in coach, shitty hotels, bad medical, shady rules, and lets just play with those that actually want to play, they should just have a vote and we would see that over half the players would have taken the deal and would be ready to. play now. The the guys that actually wanna play play . The rest of you greedy bums enjoy playing next to the guys that couldn't make it in the NHL. This article is reproduced from: .

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