MBT Shoes his notebook computer not leave legs

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His hobby is many, but don't need to move the body: collect the sword, MBT Shoes precious stones, occasionally drink two. Simply put, my hobby is generally only need to spend money, don't need to do anything else, because I don't have the time. He said.
This kind of life return is: MBT Nafasi Shoes he's in nine years starting point in online wrote 26.9 million words, promotion is commonly known as the great spirit platinum level the author. Network novel of royalty, entity book royalties, plus, film, television, online and comic royalty, etc, and finally become a number: 33 million.
And TangGuSanShao, MBT Nama Shoes Internet writers networth on the majority of people have a similar earns a living by pen ceaselessly life.MBT Such as the fourth in the list of skeleton elves, five annual revenue is 17 million yuan, he stay in Shanghai villa, a sports car, but no matter in the house or in the car, MBT Shoes his notebook computer not leave legs ─ this already did not know that it was his first computer, before a few Taiwan because of the keyboard on bad and submit an expense account.
As for the list the most young wild silkworm potatoes, 23 years old, MBT Shoes originally should be a college student, but as a result of class time, resolutely occupy writing drop out of school. 5 · 12 wenchuan earthquake that day, MBT Salama Shoes live in chengdu wild silkworm potatoes still code word late into the night.

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