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he person's eyes of flash across one silk fear air. "Say, who did you have a liking for"Black face man's arrogant asks a way. "The person of my noodles, can I choose" "Literally!".swarovski crystalsIs black face man's tone is like ice. Wu Xie's eyes go toward one lo on all sides and see a figure.Swarovski Jewelry for acquainting with, isn't that Liu QianLiu Jun's younger sister, the woman who likes to have n.Swarovski Jewelryo a matter to seek a matter.Her opposite sits a rightness to continuously dedicate an attentive man.Although this female is very spiteful, and this female alway.Coach Outlets seeks own Chi,can not deny, she is the whole woman with the most beautiful bar, the chest enough s.Coach Outlettands a bottom to enough raise.Wu Xie by hand points at her and says with smile:" She!" The black face man smiled to smile, "the taste is quite good!"He passes the gu.Coach Outlet Onlineuitar in the hand to Wu Xie, then greatly treads to walk to Liu Qian of before the body, the ar.Coach Outlet Onlinerogant is limitless to say to her:"Beauty, the for yourself feels rejoice, my brothers had a liking for you!" The novel reading net readnovel welcomes large bo.Coach Factory Outletok friend to reading and lately, most quickly and most fierily serialize a work to exert to re.Coach Factory Outletad a net in the novel! Chapter 88 evil-minded Lin however "Who are you Release me!"Liu Qian Zhou the eyebrows is made an effort the palm that wants to flou.http://www.coachoutletorder.comnce a black face man, but under the controling of black face man, her all effort.Tiffany And Co Outlet make futile efforts. "Don't useless talk."The black face man directly gave Liu Qian's slap, he wasn't a person who tenderness toward woman. "Who are you Let.http://www.tiffanyandcojewelryonlineoutlet.com go at once, otherwise my family can't pass you."Li.Tiffany And Co Outletu Qian was still beaten to receive, just smiled happily of Liu Qian the look i.Tiffany And Con the eyes at the moment in reveal frightened air, the mishap coming all of a sudden t.Tiffany And Coakes place on own body, she basically has no the reaction in time to come over.Her voice in more just take one to cry a chamber. Black face man Pie Pie mouth, "who.Tiffany Outlet are your family " "I am the daughter of group chief executive officer of Nice, if .Tiffany OutletI have what misfortune, my daddy will definitely look for person to kill you."It sets alight the last silk hope in Liu Qian Xin. "Hey, just a businessman just, so .Louis Vuitton Outlet Onlineverbearing, I pour and see him to have what means to save his daughter!"What.Louis Vuitton Outlet Online about black face man mouth but smile, peep out one mouth snow-white tooth, trail Liu Qian and then walk toward doorway in the bar. Despair in Liu Qian.Louis Vuitton Outlet, Allways Keep Best Service! Xin, at this time, just the opposite man who sits .Louis Vuitton Outlet, Allways Keep Best Service!at him blocks at black face man of at present. "Release Liu Qian."The man stares at a black face man and says chillily.He origi.http://www.louisvuittonoutletonlinekeep.comnally was beating to pursue Liu Qian's idea come of, is exa.ctly his hero to save now beautiful of inning. Black face man the lips Cape delineate a silk sneer, a words didn't also say and suddenly stretched out one feet malicious kick at the man's abdomen, "your younger sister of, make you overbearing!" The man basically has never thoughted of the guy of this black face will suddenly make moves, and a make moves so malicious, bellow a , the body involuntarily and hereafter starts to fly to bump at a table Cape top, man again pain shout a , don't know as well back of the rib broke have no. Liu Qian Sha silly looking at this acts, silly eye.Her vision plea for help of hope other persons from inside in bar, the wet eye is whirling, the voice shivers an entreaty way:"Beg you, have who help me." Liu Qian the delicate and touching expression and words didn't have what function, the person in the bar has no severals to have a courage station to come out, even if is have severals have the courage goes forward of the person was also pulled by the other people right away, those persons who pull them said in their ear some what, these people immediately the look in the eyes fear of hope a black face man, there being no a person any further dare be successful in career, even connect a report to the police of all have no. The black face man walks to arrive just that and Liu Qian together of man's in front, took in the vision derisive of facial expression, facial expression peeped out to be afraid in this man's eyes, the body cringed hereafter noodles to draw off. He fears of call way:"Don't come over, don't come over …… beg you ……" This color is excessivelyfierce be excessively after teaching fri

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