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Each chose something is not the same, for example, students may pay more attention to price, like to buy cost-effective products, better use of equipment will be extremely keen for a hobby enthusiasts, people listening to music , the selected Beats by DRE for cheap HEADPHONES product too. Entry-level fashion headset is naturally the best choice of the students, and expensive HiFi equipment music enthusiasts what they enjoy music colleagues more pursuit of product quality, but for white-collar users who slightly some consumer-grade headphones is their best choice.

White-collar users who may not like the students to buy some cheap stuff does not select the best, most expensive equipment, but they do not care much about the difference of tens of dollars, has better quality and fashion sense, pay more attention to is the white-collar groups. Currently has a lot of good beats by dre for cheap headphones ideal for young office workers, first of all, these headphones better than the entry-level sound quality and quality addition they also comes with some unique features. For office workers, it is very practical.

Here I introduce some beats by dre headphones products for white-collar users, these beats by dre for cheap headphones do not belong to a type, which are suitable for different groups to use. However, these beats by dre headphones are relatively more good, much better than the entry-level. I hope after reading this article, bring some necessary help to the friends you want to purchase a headset.

beats by dre for cheap headphones is a very prominent cost headphones, its has a black and white two colors to choose from. The appearance of the headset inherited Japanese headset has always been fashion style, the overall use of metal material, full texture. The headset's biggest feature is the the headset main side has an anti-shedding stent device, which can effectively avoid wearing headphones fall damage, more practical. The headphones use a ear structure, good sound insulation, wear very comfortable. Parameters, beats by dre for cheap headphones frequency response range 5-24000Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 105dB, very easy to drive and use. The headphone uses a "double diaphragm drive unit design, can effectively reduce the resonance, and to provide clear and accurate sound; good headset overall quality, outstanding bass, used to listen to rock and pop music is very appropriate.

beats by dre for cheap headphones designed for portable portable design lightweight Bluetooth headset, the headset design lightweight fashion, it has a variety of colors to choose from, the shell design is very compact, looks very dynamic. Ear design headset under the framework, and for bending conduit structure, not only wear a stable fit, sound effects are very good. Headphones with a super lightweight architecture design, light overall weight, very convenient to carry out together. beats by dre pro for cheap based on Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR version Bluetooth technology, effective transmission distance of 10 meters; its built-in lithium battery-powered, single charge four hours, endurance, or go out to listen to be able to meet the general use. With invisible microphone design, clear voice quality, and provide greater convenience for regular voice calls friends.

beats by dre pro for cheap phone headset is a cost-effective, stylish front side of the headset to use a metal cavity, reflective effect is good, the back-end, compared with the the matte material handling, convergence closely work with the front-end is very delicate . Headset is not only able to SPIDERS iPhone, compatible with mobile phones such as HTC and Samsung;-wire microphone headset settings, you can control and receive calls and basic music operations, which also comes with a the SPIDERS computer conversion line The remote control function is very rich. Parameters, beats by dre pro for cheap headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 105dB, very easy to drive, with a very easy phone to use. The headphone Silicone Case soft and comfortable to wear, and the sound effects are good. Sound quality, the headphone's bass performance is excellent, very good sense of texture and volume, thick IF warmer overall sound, very appropriate to listen to dance music and rock and roll.

beats by dre Solo for cheap design a design creative personality Bluetooth headset has a variety of stylish colors to choose from, this headset is positioned to carry out listening a good choice for young trend of big people. beats by dre Studio for cheap headphones exquisite shell polished, smooth looks very bright. The headset unit using adaptive design can be certain angle rotation to guarantee the fit of wear earmuffs part with a soft leather material, excellent elasticity, very comfortable to wear, sound effects are very good. beats by dre Solo for cheap Bluetooth headset built-in lithium battery-powered, endurance is more outstanding, fully able to meet the user's day out listening needs; the headphones use rewireable design, can be used as a wired headphones uses no electricity, design more intimate. Headphones folded structure and its break point for the steel material made of solid work, and also very easy to carry out housing.

beats by dre Studio for cheap is a position in the entry-level headset-headphone young fashion user, its simple and stylish design, with a variety of colors to choose from. The surface of the headphones with a frosted feel good part of the auricular polishing material looks bright fashion. The overall headset is made of lightweight plastic, light weight, earmuffs part made of soft, breathable foam material, wear comfortable, long-term use are not easy to produce sweltering. Parameters, beats by dre Studio for cheap headphones frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 91dB, very easy to drive, with a portable audio source to listen to them more easily. The headphones use Japanese black coil, diaphragm part repression strengthen the lines, to ensure high-quality performance. Headset microphone is integrated in the housing, a certain angle can rotate freely, clear call quality, bring convenience for favorite voice chat users.

Above is to introduce some suitable for white-collar users who use fashion beats by dre for cheap headphones, these headphones some ear structure, some for the headphones design; Some of them are suitable for use in the office environment, and some more suitable for outdoor wear, and the sound quality performance, but also have a big difference. I hope that we can take into account the actual use needs and listening preferences, select a more suitable for their own Cheap Beats headphones. This article is reproduced from the official website of Beats by dre headphones:…

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