I havent died yet Splitting Hairs

Submitted by roting351 on Sat, 10/20/2012 - 06:03

I haven't died yet Splitting Hairs

Well, I apologise for the something like two week leave of absence, but I have recently been swamped by a serious SHITLOAD Buy mont blanc pens of homework which I am still catching my nennen to complete. Nothing really important and life-changing has happened in this long period Mont Blanc Wallet of time, except for three significant things. First, I had to go on a retreat to Mont Blanc Pen Meisterstuck Gethsemane House in Belmont with my class on Tuesday, and I kept some notes of things that happened, but I lost them and I will describe this spiritual experience in detail once I find the papers.

Secondly, the robin has landed. Jax returned from the Land of Aboot on Friday, and remains on the Island of Rock and Crime until the 27th. Hello Jax ^___^

Then on Saturday, Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen I went to Tsunami for the first time, and of course Niji went with me too. COW decided to find her ass in CHURCH for a one and a half hour long mass at the minute we were supposed to leave the house. And Butey was supposed to come to the bus station and let us pick her up there. (Butey, your mother was supposed to call me back but she never did. she was apparently really cold on the phone.) This party at Tsunami was a cornucopia of Smirnoff Ice, techno music, free doubles and corn soup, and pretty white girls in pink plaid glory. I could go on and on about the boots and stockings and skirts and things, but anyway. There was a band there playing music from Sting and Orange Sky which was cool, and I cannot remember the name of this band at all, but I do remember that there was a girl standing next to me in a black beanie and we were touching each other's jewelry, pressing our hands over it to feel how sharp each other's spikes were. There was basically a lot of dancing going on there, and I don't dance, rather, I donce, but I know that I possess the ability to dance (this is a very un-convent girl like thing), and I know exactly when to giggle at people. It is often said that foreigners count the beats to Trinidadian music way too fast. So let us just not speak about all those American and whatever chicks there with their skirts flying up at the back, or feeling the urge to go and pole dance. There was a very vulgar-looking one there, though (and I do not mean this as a bad thing) who might fit in with one of the Powerpuff Girls*. One guy passed out about two hours into the six-hour-long party (and he was one of the people that organised it).

Today, Niji and COW laughed at my inability to hold my liquor, and I slept a lot in class today, as we had very many free periods, and this is ALWAYS good ^_____^ I Montblanc Cufflink cannot remember much of what happened today at all. All I know is that Dark Maylee really needs to go on a fast from Hey Arnold for a very, very, very long time, as she is really beginning to irritate me nikeshopschuhe.com

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