How to Spot Fake Nikes

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How to cheap nike free run Spot Fake Nikes
If using a site that allows user ratings Nike Free Run 3 online sale and reviews, read those over before committing to a purchase. Stay away from any seller that has low ratings or reviews that indicate that he or she sells fake products.
Do not purchase from sellers that use stock photos instead of photos of the actual Nike shoes that are being sold.
Do not purchase items that nikefreeshoenz are claimed to be "custom" Nike shoes.
Do not buy Nike shoes that are priced far below their normal value. These are likely to be fakes.
View the seller's entire inventory. For unknown reasons, counterfeiters tend not to sell USA size 9 or anything from USA sizes 13 and above.
Be very careful when purchasing Nike shoes from Asian countries. These are common places for counterfeit Nike shoes.
Ask the seller to verify that the shoes are authentic. If the seller states that the supplier assured him or her that they are authentic, ask for the supplier's cheap nike free contact information and contact the supplier for further information.
2Examine the condition of the shoes.
If you have owned nike free sale similar Nike shoes in the past, compare the condition of them to the condition of the current shoes. If it is significantly worse, the current shoes are likely fake.

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