The EVER AUSTRALIA the snow boots interpretations custom charm

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The old saying, "no shoes poor half foot of."Ugg Boots Sale ,Seen a pair of shoes in the importance of clothing with.For female consumers used to see the fashion show, wearing a variety of styles of shoes all over the pair of custom shoes look very fresh. Keywords: Not long ago, the famous Australian brand, re-organized in Beijing in 2012 new conference.The conference theme of "natural, self, comfortable, and under the fashion designer's creativity, the design of the shoes not only fashionable, and painting the designers ingenuity of the scene in the shoes,UGG Boots UK , so that the ever-changing scenery on the toe The scenery on the toe can meet the individual needs of consumers hormone embryos outline depicted toes landscape "prime embryo sketched out the blue and white, the Bifeng concentrated slowed, the body of the shoe depicted the peony as early makeup."Spotlight, designers often Korea intently Ever snow boots on creativity.In her pen, the outline of peony in the shoes of the plain is gradually emerging, color white flowers Youth vividly For the blossoming Smart vivid butterfly wound in flying.A pair of shoes is instant with life.Turning to the inspiration,Ugg Boots , Li Chang, "In fact, this is an art, shoes and style to the design, design inspiration from this pair of snow boots give me the most intuitive feelings." The scene, a number of media using a video camera on the charm picture records, Ever this spectacular show full of praise.According to the person in charge of the event, the flagship store in Beijing Chaowai SOHO Building Ever Australia, consumers will be able to enjoy the personalized service of shoes. 'Edit'

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