Dr Dre Headphones has a scratch-proof mirror-smooth design

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Dr. Dre headphone products always gives a magnificent feeling, from a the SOLO HD series of colorful headphones to Studio Series earloop Variety shedding, all reflect the design philosophy of Dr. Dre shape and sound quality of both. This James Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones is no exception, but noble lies in the use of materials and workmanship, rather than the appearance, such as James Dr.. Dre Beats Studio titanium and silver color, but the color differences lies only in the short arm of the hook.

Its overall shape looks slim and thin, the color is also not very assertive, but the structure is extremely compact. It earloop part two-point activity design, linked to two parts, even the short arm of the body and attached to the hook of the short arm of the long arm around the shaft to do more than 180 degrees of rotation, which greatly convenient to wear. Hooks on a jacket, wear and no uncomfortable feeling for a long time.

James Dr. Dre Beats Studio is a long short-term design, the wire material is very soft and has the toughness and easy to tie. Line length of 0.5m, plug 3.25mm gold-plated plug, also comes with a 1m materials the same extension cord, user-friendly use on different occasions. James Dr. Dre Beats Studio uses an open design, the use of more than Dr. Dre SOLO HD larger diameter 15.5mm sound unit, the diaphragm thickness is only 6μm, from hardware to ensure it is good for a different type of music performance. Impedance of 16Ω, the Walkman to promote easier than general headphones 32Ω impedance. James Dr. Dre Beats Studio sound quality than the SOLO HD With a comprehensive upgrade, high, medium and low frequency performance is very good, but the sound field is not wide enough, this is the common problem of all headphones headphones.

Dr. Dre Beats Cheap headphones is a specialized contention launched the fashion of young fashion user computer headset, this headset a variety of colors, yet elegant appearance of the avant-garde fashion, using ultra-lightweight structure design, wearing a very comfortable feeling, able to meet the need for prolonged listening. Dr. Dre Beats Cheap headphones has concentrated colors of red, yellow, white and black four colors to choose from grasp for color in place, are young people favorite style. The overall design of the headset lightweight, using ultra-light plastic material, the The integration streamlines design looks very beautiful avant-garde.

The shell portion of the headset with a square design, with rounded corners at the edge part, did not look too obtrusive. Its overall polished look bright and clean; shell surface has a certain arc, emblazoned with the Beats by dre product, brand logo and the left and right channel identification, easy to distinguish wear.

Smart design not only to carry more convenient, more comfortable to wear. Earmuffs ball head gimbal bracket connected, even in sports earmuffs also good ear stickers and. But leathery compact ear pads in the initial wear will people do not adapt Fortunately, the adaptation does not exist after this annoyance. Headphone stent is made from 0.8mm stainless steel, providing the elastic force is appropriate, long wearing and does not chuck the feeling.

Dr. Dre Beats Cheap Hadphones is a specifically targeted at the young and trendy users use fashion headphones headset, the headset has a variety of colors to choose from, design personalized fashion, home listening to a very good choice for young people. Clear voice headset in terms of sound quality, tri-band tend to be balanced, and not too prominent a band, can satisfy the average user is listening on the computer most of the demand, the microphone call is also very clear, it is very suitable for young people with laptop daily to use. Stored in the box with a foldable design, compact structure and flexible folded size is very small, even can be put into the size of a glasses case. The bracket also increased the the cotton protective pads, more comfortable to wear.

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