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One reason of this I believe to be that the Greek artists so far excel all others in combining the two impressions of Celine Bagaction and repose, — they do not jar each other by the slightest contradiction, but the whole figure ex¬presses precisely what each portion of it expresses, and the result is a harmony and a powerCeline Bags which we find nowhere else. This is most especially the case in the magnificent Elgin marbles at the British Museum. You stand before a broken trunk, head¬less, footless, and handless; yet you cannot but feel that there is vitality in what remains, —the mutilated form speaks so plainly, Celine Bag Price through muscu¬lar development, that you do not hesitate to pro¬nounce it beautiful. Those Elgin marbles are absolutely wonderful; it is impossible to feel angry with the manner in which they were obtainedCeline Handbags, be¬cause you feel so grateful for the privilege of see¬ing them. Those broken bas-reliefs, those headless bodies and bodiless heads, win your very heart, and you leave them, at last, with Celine Bag Online a feeling of regret, and an infinite longing to return. There is a horse's head there, of life-size, of such ideal beauty that it haunts the memory Celine Phantom Bag with its image; those who have seen it will not, I feel sure, accuse me of ex¬travagance. The multitude of casts at the Crystal Palace, Celine Boston Bag though necessarily only imperfect suggestions of the magnificent originals, are extremely interesting, Celine Trapeze and well worthy of study from those to whom the originals are unattainable.

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