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thousand troops. Before many bouts had been exchanged, Pan Zhang made a feint and got away. Huang Zhong pursued, shouting to him not to flee. "Flee not, for now will Darren McFadden Jersey I avenge the death of Guan Yu!" cried he. Huang Zhong pursued some ten miles, but presently he fell into an ambush and found himself attacked from all sides---Zhou Tai on the left, Han Dang on the right, Ling Tong DeSean Jackson Jersey from behind, and the erstwhile flying Pan Zhang turned to attack the front---, so that he was surrounded and hemmed in. Huang Zhong forced his way to retreat. But suddenly a great storm came on, the wind blowing violently, and as Huang Zhong was passing some hills, an enemy cohort led by Ma Zhong came down the slopes, and one of the arrows wounded the veteran in the armpit. He nearly fell from his horse with the shock. Ben Roethlisberger Jersey The soldiers of Wu, seeing Huang Zhong Troy Polamalu Jersey wounded, came on all together, but soon the two youthful generals, Guan Xing and Zhang Bao, drove them off and scattered them. Thus they rescued Huang Zhong. He was taken back to the main camp. But Franco Harris Jersey he was old and his blood was thin, and the wound gaped wide, so that he was near to die. The First Ruler came to visit him and patted his back and said, "It is my fault, O Veteran General, that you have been hurt in the battle!" "I am a soldier," said the old man. "I am glad that I could serve Your Majesty. But now I am seventy-five, and I have lived long enough. Be careful of your own safety for the good of the state." These were his last words. He became unconscious and died that night. A poem was written of him: [hip, hip, hip]First among veterans stands Huang Zhong,Who won great merit in the conquest of Shu.Old, he still donned his coat of mail,And laid his hand to the curving bow.His valor was the talk of all the north,Fear of his might maintained the west.Tardy he bowed his snow-white head to death,Fighting to the end---in very truth a hero.[yip, yip, yip] Huang Zhong passed away, and the First Ruler looked on, very sad. He made Huang Zhong a grave in Chengdu and ordered an honorable burial there. "My brave general is gone," sighed he, "and the third of my five Tiger Generals, and I have been unable to avenge their death. It is very grievous!" Joe Flacco Jersey So the Emperor led the Imperial Guards to Xiaoting, where he Ben Roethlisberger Jersey summoned a great assembly. He divided his forces into eight parts James Harrison Jersey ready for an attack by land and water. The marines were placed under Huang Quan, and he himself led the land forces. It was then the Rashard Mendenhall Jersey second month Jerod Mayo Jersey of the second year of Manifest Might Era (AD 221). When Han Dang and Zhou Tai heard that the army of Shu was approaching, they marched toward it. When near, the two armies were arrayed. The two leaders of Wu rode out and saw the First Ruler riding out under the great standard with his staff about him. A silken umbrella splashed with gold was over his head; right and left we Mike Wallace Jersey re white banners, golden axes, and other insignia of an emperor. Then Han Dang spoke, "Your Majesty is now the Ruler of Shu. Why do you risk your life in the battlefield? It would be most regrettable if

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